I slept with a Nationals baseball player

When we were infants/toddlers LOL.

My mom just emailed me that when she saw his name (Gary Bennett) and heard he was born in Waukegan while watching a game, so she looked up his birthday. He was born a couple months before me. So she knew who he was/is – she was best friends with his mom and her husband was friends with my bio dad. I remember seeing his name in my baby book (gonna have to look it up when I get home). My mom says they were pregnant together and she thinks his mom is my godmother (lol I can’t believe she can’t remember for sure!). We used to get put down in the same crib.

So I dug out my baby book and sure enough, one of my first gifts was a sweater set from his family, he’s listed as my first friend, and BOTH his parents are my god parents. How cool is that?? Of course, we moved from there when I was about 4 and I have no memory of them other than one potty training incident at their house lol.

Small world – how cool is that?!

I mentioned it at work, but everyone kinda scoffed and said, “the *alternate” catcher? Big deal.” Well, I still think it’s really neat-o! I can’t wait to watch a game where he plays.

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