Man, what a great Nationals game last night!

My guy played the whole game (or at least from the 4th inning, when I started watching, on)… I got to see him catch and bat. Very kewl!! My husband and I were in a bar and I was hooting and hollering, but apparently we were the only ones really watching the game cuz no one else was, and there’s no way you couldn’t when…. The bases were loaded in the 8th inning, I said to my husband, “Man, a grand slam right now would be awesome! It would button up the game for sure!” And it wasn’t looking good – 2 outs. Wilkerson stepped up to the plate… and I held my breath thinking his fly was going to be caught… but over the wall it went. WOOHOO!! GRAND SLAM!! The first for the Nats. First full game pitched by Patterson and it was a shut-out. (See, my alternate catcher guy may not be so bad!) LOL.

So I found a “fan mail” address and instructions on their website, and dashed off a letter to my “first friend” which I’m going to go drop in the mail now. It probably won’t get to him before Sunday’s game (which we have tickets to go see), but oh well. We’ll see if he responds. I think it would be really neat to meet him. I almost cracked my joke about “we slept together but don’t remember it”… but decided to save that for in person *snort*. I don’t want him to think I’m some crazy fan who just wants to get it on with a baseball player. Egads!

I would imagine he doesn’t get much fan mail, so hopefully he’ll open it quickly.