Bad Juju weekend

Spent the weekend on the boat – couldn’t get the Nationals game in at night, but sat on the dock visiting with our new “neighbors” in the marina.

The next morning we cleaned the boat and locked it up and headed home. Ate lunch and went to the Nats game. They lost. More bad juju.

My mom tried emailing Gary through the Nats website, but didn’t hear any response. So I found the address for sending fan mail to particular players and sent a letter on Friday. I doubt he got it before the game, but just in case, I did mention we’d be there at Sunday’s game and where we sit.

So he was playing during this game too – so that was exciting. In fact, he hit a foul ball that went into our section, but was caught by the guy TWO STINKING ROWS directly in front of me!!! I was so bummed – I even went and told him my story that the guy who hit it was my first friend as an infant/toddler and it would mean a lot if he would let me have that ball LOL. No way was he parting with it! Oh well – I tried.