Game on!

WAHOO!! *(happy dance)* I got to watch the game last night! I got to watch the game last night!!

AND the Nationals won!! Although, it was a VERY stressful game! They played the Braves in Atlanta and only won by 1 run. The pitcher (Patterson rocks!) looked sick – he was sweating up a storm and started throwing a lot of bad pitches – walked a few and ended up with bases loaded and the Braves ahead 2-1. Not good!! I commented to my husband that he looked sick. Sure enough, he left the game in the 3rd inning and they later said he had stomach cramps (I have a radar for that, it seems lol). I hope he’s feeling better today as they have a double header and have just GOT to win!

My guy didn’t play that game, but the main catcher did pretty well – threw a runner out stealing second base. Awesome!

So we switched cable providers to RCN (from Cox) after a little birdie at work had told me they broadcast every Nationals game on their local access station. I was nervous because when I got home from work I put that channel on and it was just a blank screen with a “To be announced” showing in the info display. Hmm… I hoped that birdie at work was right!! At 7:30 PM we flipped back to that channel again and again it was a black screen with “To be announced”. The game was scheduled for 7:35 PM so I left it there, and sure enough, the game popped up right at start time. Sweeeeeet!

We started to project it on the barn so the neighbors could watch too, but lightning scared us back inside (although it never did rain).

Heehee! I’m so thrilled!

With the good comes some bad, though. We tried setting up the DVR to record the same shows our old one was – one being The Amazing Race’s previous seasons being run on the Game Show Network. We were left hanging in the middle of Season 4. Apparently our new small cable provider does not carry GSN, much to our disappointment!! Since I started watching regularly during Season 5, I guess it’s not so bad a loss. I just checked their website (CBS’s) and now I know who won.