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What’s your sign?

Posted on May 10, 2006 at 5:43 pm

Zodiac wheelI have so much I want to write right now about the team and current news, such as how I feel Ryan Church was just slapped publicly in a back handed way by the MLB internet news service in the latest mailbag. I hope that was just poorly chosen phrasing and/or chronology of sentences and not intentional. However, in the interest of getting my homework done on time, I should really be analyzing non-profit mission statements. What I stumbled upon proved to be much more fun, so naturally that’s the direction I wandered off into. Have I mentioned I would love a job with the Nationals organization? Now that the team has an official ownership group, that subject has been on my mind even more, but I haven’t yet figured out exactly where I’d be such an ideal fit that they’d have to hire me. One of the owners (Faye Fields) owns an IT firm, so I suppose she’s got that end of things covered with her own people. I’ve been noodling over my strengths and where else I could fit (for fun, mostly) and paying attention to the various positions held in baseball organizations. Yesterday I stumbled across an intriguing position that sounded like tons of fun – baseball astrologer! Too bad the only thing I know about astrology is that everyone has a sign based on their birthday and some guys think it’s a functional pickup line (not). Still, I decided to undertake a fun exercise as I delved into it and looked at the Nationals and their current baseball horoscope.

I didn’t set off in search of this – I suppose I should explain how I happened upon it. In the Yudachat yesterday, someone mentioned a guy’s quest to join an experts fantasy baseball league in order to chronicle his experiences and linked to the site. From there, I wandered into the photo gallery to see photos of these baseball geeks protesting Jose Guillen’s suspension on behalf of fantasy baseball team managers everywhere. In browsing the photos, I ran across a photo of the author, “baseball astrologer Andrea Mallis”, and Sig Mejdal. Baseball astologer? Really? Hmm… that sounded interesting, so off to Google I went.

I turned up Andrea’s blog on where she mentioned recently publishing an astrology article, “Checking the Signs“, on’s Weekender. I decided it would be fun to check her signs against the Nationals players. I started with the active roster, but after noticing there were no July birthdays (Cancer), decided to expand my sample size to the 40-man roster. I was also curious which players had birthdays closest to mine and family members, as well as if there were any interesting groupings among the various signs. Here are the results:

ARIES: (Cristian Guzman, Ryan Drese)

Romantic wavelengths prevail as Venus moves into your exciting sign on the 3rd, enhancing relationships. Whether it’s love, or just the need to project your personality in the most charming way possible, you’re at your best now. Money matters also receive a boost.

Hmm well, that’s interesting considering both of those players are on the disabled list. I suppose they have much more time during this year’s baseball season to devote to their love lives. As for money matters – I guess they’re also getting paid for not working!

TAURUS: (Tony Armas, Brian Lawrence, Jose Guillen)

Happy Birthday, Bulls! It’s your personal new year — a cycle of rebirth with plenty of energy to spare. Full Moon in Scorpio on the 12th is a very spiritual time, perfect for meditation and contemplation. It may also enhance connections to powerful people. New Moon in Gemini on May 26 heralds new beginnings in communication and travel.

Jose Guillen’s sign is a bull. Whoda thunk it? Let’s see – Guillen is hitting better, Armas is pitching better, and Lawrence isn’t doing much. Maybe Guillen will have a rebirth in RFK and suddenly love it as much as being on the road?

GEMINI: (ahh, beware the evil twins – this is where I fall along with Ramon Ortiz, Joey Eischen, Mike Stanton, Zach Day)

Once the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, the information superhighway opens and you’re in demand. There’s so much going on in your professional life, you may have to postpone vacation plans for a while. Although you love being in the midst of a frenzy of activity, take time and balance.

All four Gemini Nationals are pitchers – I found that to be an interesting grouping. The horoscope sounds promising, and loving ‘being in the midst of a frenzy of activity’ certainly applies to me and our pitching staff at the moment!

CANCER: (Daryle Ward, Bernie Castro)

Food, family, and feelings are where it’s at for Cancer. Venus in Aries this month enhances your relationships with co-workers and colleagues. Despite the concentration on career matters, you’ll have plenty of time for a social life this month.

Two infielders – one a bench player and one in AAA (and injured?) – ayep, plenty of time for socializing. If Ward hits more home runs in pinch hit situations, I’m sure he’ll enhance his relationships with co-workers and colleagues.

LEO: (Damian Jackson, Michael O’Connor)

It’s your yearly career peak, an excellent time to ask for a promotion or raise. As far as vocation goes, this is your best month to shine. The Sun in Taurus is in your 10th house of career through the 20th, and Mercury transits this sector as well, improving the way you communicate with those in authority.

I guess we should watch for both to effectively ask for (and receive) more playing time? Mike O’Connor is obviously at the peak of his career in his life so far, having been called up to the big leagues to pitch and succeeding in that role since the injury-o-rama amongst the Nats starting pitching staff since spring training.

VIRGO: (Nick Johnson, Jose Vidro, Marlon Byrd, Brendan Harris, Felix Rodriguez, Billy Traber)

Although things are relatively slow for you early in the month, by the 20th you may find yourself too busy to pay attention to things outside of work. New Moon in Gemini on the 26th begins another step up the ladder to success.

Another group whose breakout time should be around the 20th of the month. So watch what happens next weekend!

LIBRA: (Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Church, Brandon Watson, Jay Bergmann, Jon Rauch, Michael Hinckley, Frank Diaz – most popular sign that also includes Mr. Chatter)

Career responsibilities continue to make demands with Mars transiting Cancer all month. Money matters are also on your mind. When Neptune turns retrograde on the 22nd, you could find yourself disillusioned by a new love affair.

Another interesting grouping considering it contains the two Ryans on the active roster, as well as Brandon Watson who battled Ryan Church for the CF job. I’m going to have to observe Mr. Chatter closely after the 22nd.

SCORPIO: (Tony Blanco and my daughter)

It’s a very hectic month. Areas of life that demand the most from you include family, career and personal growth. A good omen for keeping yourself fit and healthy occurs when Venus transits your 6th house of work, health, and service.

Ok, I’m not sure what that one is saying at all! Considering it applies to one lone bench OFer on the P-Nats, I guess I’ll move on to the next one.

SAGITTARIUS: (my son along with – Brian Schneider, Matt LeCroy, Pedro Astacio, Saul Rivera, Kory Casto, Larry Broadway)

New Moon in Gemini on the 26th signals new beginnings in partnerships. It’s a wonderful time for available Sagittarians to play the dating game. Although you have a breezy, casual attitude toward romance, someone you meet could be the perfect complement. If you have any artistic ambitions, you can benefit from Venus in Aries this month.

Yeah!! My son has the same sign as Brian Schneider and Matt LeCroy, the catchers of the team (yes, I’m counting LeCroy in this one). Too cool!

CAPRICORN: (Royce Clayton, Marlon Anderson, Alfonso Soriano, Luis Ayala)

Neptune turning retrograde in your house of finances may signal a lack of energy pulsating though this sector, and major cosmic uncertainty. Few people more frugal and responsible about money than Capricorn, and it would behoove you to keep vigilant.

Interesting – a negative financial one. So trade rumors swirling about Soriano may be ‘in the (tarot) cards’. I think Clayton is assured for now with Guzman out for the season after surgery unless a deal presents itself with an improved SS. I suppose all of their futures on the Nationals could be at risk given the nature of their positions – backup SS, bench infielder, 2B turned LFer who doesn’t want to stay, and disabled list pitcher.

AQUARIUS: (John Patterson)

Nebulous Neptune turns retrograde in your sign on the 22nd. For the next several months, inward energy predominates. Despite the fact that you’re a people person, there are times when you need to be alone with your thoughts. New Moon in Gemini on the 27th is a potent day for beginning a new creative endeavor.

Look at that, John Patterson is in a league sign of his own! Somehow, that isn’t very shocking. Vague Neptune turns what? 2 : tending toward or resulting in a worse or previous state Uh oh, given his tendinitis and continuously pushed back rehab start, that sounds rather ominous! Hopefully astrology really is a bunch of hooey.

PISCES: (Livan Hernandez, Gary Majewski, Chad Cordero, Robert Fick)

Family matters are the focus, when the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th. Taking a brief getaway with a favorite relative can be a welcome respite from work. Pisces loves to escape, and the New Moon in Gemini on the 26th is a favorable time to begin a fun-filled vacation.

Remember that Sesame Street bit about which one doesn’t belong? That’d be a perfect grouping if you removed Robert Fick! If Livan blows tonight, I think it may be a favorable time for him to begin a fun-filled vacation! I think our relievers would probably welcome a respite from work on occasion. Ha. Cordero could use more save opportunities.

Well, I noticed it was easy to find groupings of pitchers because we seem to have plenty of them compared to other positions, even if half of them can’t currently pitch. That was fun! Now I’m going to have to complete my homework during the game tonight. Bah.

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  1. Phil Dunn says:

    Livan’s ERA keeps going up and his belly keeps getting bigger. He must weigh over 300 pounds. He should back away from the table and find a new hobby.


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