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Manly men aren’t afraid to swing pink bats

Posted on May 11, 2006 at 2:13 pm

That’s right. Pink is the new black – it’s in, I tell ya! I should know. Watch the fields this Sunday on Mother’s Day as ‘dozens’ of MLB players hit the batter’s box swinging pink bats. I haven’t yet read if any Nationals have had bats made to honor mothers and breast cancer research, while raising money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of at least one. I know the slight embarrassment of using something pink in a sport, but it’s for a good cause!

Susan G Komen pink bats

Being female, I couldn’t let this story go by without commenting on it. I lost my aunt to breast cancer many years ago and my cousins (her daughters) are still mourning the loss of their mom and raising their own children without Grandma. So obviously, this is a cause I believe in! I am kinda tickled to see pink bats in the “old boys” mentality that revolves around baseball. I can imagine the groaning and eye rolling even as I type up this post. Hee!
Pink race bike saddleHow cool would it be to see a customized bat with the Nationals logo on it?

See, if I’m not too hardened to ride a race bike with a pink ribbon saddle (and believe me, I’ve been ribbed for it relentlessly), the guys can certainly swing a pink bat for a day :-) Of course, I am a girl.. but shhh… don’t tell anyone! The seat doesn’t look so bad in this shot from the side, but uh.. let’s just say even my women friends fall into hysterics when they see the picture from the top. It is a comfy seat!

I’m looking forward to seeing if I spot any pink bats on Sunday!

The bats, along with the home plates and lineup cards, will be autographed by the teams and will be auctioned later, with the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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  1. scrapiron says:

    The automobile company Subaru (also known as “the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries”) has for years used pink on its high-performance parts and vehicles, through its Subaru tecnica International (STi) division. (They actually call it “Cherry Blossom Red”; in fact Subaru of America sponsors the lesser-known Cherry Blossom festival in Philadelphia, near its HQ in Cherry Hill, NJ).

    Its international rally cars are painted blue and yellow, but those reflect the colors of one of the team’s sponsors, British American Tobacco (whose 555 brand cigarettes come in blue and gold packs).


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