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What’s Your Sign? August 2006 Edition

Posted on August 4, 2006 at 3:15 pm

zodiac wheelHappy Birthday Leos, Damian Jackson (8/16) and Mike O’Connor (8/17). This month’s horoscopes include a lot of new names and will miss several done in the past as there have been many changes to the Nationals’ 40 man roster over the last month. We said goodbye to Mike Stanton, Gary Majewski, Bill Bray, Royce Clayton, and one of the Marlons (Byrd). In addition, Matt LeCroy was DFA’d and released. Brandon Watson was picked up by the Reds.

Damian JacksonAndrea Mallis has published this month’s Checking the Signs on MLB Weekender and focuses on famous yet controversial Leo, Barry Bonds. We have a similar Leo in Damian Jackson, who has requested that he be traded if the Nats don’t include him in their plans for the future. He is also notorious for not speaking to the press and bugging out after games, whether he plays well or not. Maybe this month’s Leo focus helps explain why:

Leo energy focuses on the will, selfhood, pride, and strength. […] Recognition is Leo’s reason to be, and Leos […] can’t tolerate staying in the background for long. He needs to shine and take charge. Like a proud peacock, those quasi-arrogant-trance/glance-flowing epic home runs echo Leo’s hunger for admiration. […] With an aloof Moon (planet of emotions) in detached Aquarius, his head argues with his heart, creating disharmony and imbalance. This sets up a rather conflicted personality: a spotlight seeker who craves attention, yet shuns it.

Although, with Jackson’s aversion to press, I don’t see him strutting around like a peacock – certainly not for the press. Yet it seems Leos have their soft side as well. I believe Damian Jackson (along with Robert Fick) was one of the fun-loving spirited ringleaders in Soriano’s red carpet treatment after the passing of the trade deadline.

While Leos can be overbearing, they can also be some of the most generous, radiant, and loyal people on the planet.

I haven’t seen enough of Mike O’Connor to assess how he fits into these statements yet, and he’s now out for a few weeks. However, he doesn’t appear to be a huge attention seeker. Are we sure his birthday is right?

In reviewing last month’s “What’s Your Sign” edition, there was a warning regarding the then upcoming trade deadline. A special note to GM‚Äö√Ñ√¥s concerning the July 30 trade deadline: Be careful when signing on the dotted line with the Mercury retrograde, as due diligence takes on new dimensions! Trades ought not be cause for regret.” In retrospect, I find it curious and interesting that Jim Bowden (unknowingly) appears to have heeded the warning and performed no trade – at least no blockbuster trade at the deadline.

Now, on to the rest of the roster!

ARIES: (Cristian Guzman, Ryan Drese)

Schedule your yearly health checkup once the Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd. This signals a special time of vigor and wellness. You enjoy leading an active, athletic lifestyle, but you also need to find new ways to relax, such as a hobby.

I’ve been leaving these two on the monthly horoscopes because they’re the team’s only Aries, despite both being on the disabled list and not on the 40-man. Get that arm checked again, Ryan!

TAURUS: (Jim Bowden, Jose Guillen, Tony Armas Jr., Brandon Harper, Roy Corcoran, Felipe Lopez, Austin Kearns)

Most of the month is relegated to spending time at home or vacationing with family members. Get back in the game when the Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd, ushering in a cycle of creativity and romance.

Wow, previously the only Taurus Nats were Bowden and Guillen. July welcomed a host of newcomers thanks to trades and promotions. I found it interesting that both Lopez and Kearns (acquired from the Reds in the same trade deal) are the same sign. Tony Armas and Brandon Harper have the same birthday, a new development (as well as two other pairs). I’m not sure when any of them aside from Guillen are going to find time to spend at home and on romance this month! Here’s hoping Roy Corcoran gets back in the game by the 22nd and stops giving up so many hits and runs.

GEMINI: (Ramon Ortiz, Travis Hughes, Mike Vento)

With Mars in energetic Virgo all month, you are likely to give most of your attention to family and domestic matters. This is the perfect time of year to indulge in some belated “spring cleaning.” Twins that have been looking for their dream home could get lucky this month.

Well, so long to my former Gemini pals, Mike Stanton and Bill Bray! Travis Hughes made the active roster recently as part of the bullpen and shares a birthday with Mike Vento. Hmm… I’m looking to travel to my dream home and actually spend extended periods of time there. Wonder if that dream could stumble upon some luck this month?

CANCER: (Daryle Ward, Bernie Castro, Ryan Wagner)

Financial matters predominate, as you are concerned with paying off any debts this summer. This would be a good time of year to make a budget, as you are very aware of financial security. Cancers like to know that all bases are covered, and surprises are never welcome when it comes to finances.

Haha – nice play on words that Cancers like to know all the bases are covered. None of these guys are millionaires (yet?), but I don’t see any of them getting dinged financially unless they’ve gotten themselves in over their heads.

LEO: (Damian Jackson, Mike O’Connor)

Happy Birthday, Leo Lions! With Mercury and Venus in your charismatic sign mid-month, your best bet for success is using your characteristic charm and magnetism. Financial gains near the New Moon in Virgo on the 23rd look promising.

Ok, Damian, let’s see that characteristic charm and magnetism!

VIRGO: (Frank Robinson, Jose Vidro, Alex Escobar, Billy Traber, Nick Johnson)

Though others may look at August as downtime, that’s not the case for you. This is peak time for goal setting. The New Moon in your industrious sign on the 23rd emphasizes, energy, focus and progress.

Marlon Byrd fits in here as well, and is currently playing for the AAA New Orleans Zephyrs after being DFA’d earlier in the month. Energy focus and progress sounds promising for Marlon. In fact, progress would be good for Escobar and Vidro as well, both currently suffering from hamstring issues.

LIBRA: (Jason Bergmann, Jon Rauch, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Church, Michael Hincklely, Frank Diaz)

Things appear in a holding pattern for you now, so the last week in August is a perfect time to go on vacation. You prefer getaways to romantic places where you can lie on the beach by day, then dance the night away.

Ooh! Dance the night away! Someone take pics, ok? I wanna see that.

SCORPIO: (Luis Matos, Micah Bowie, Tony Blanco, Kevin Gryboski)

You may be given additional responsibilities at work, when Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Leo transit your 10th house of career, status, duty, and profession. You have cultivated an excellent reputation for yourself, and now it’s beginning to pay off.

Yes, they’ve all (except maybe Blanco) been given additional responsibilities at work and hopefully it will pay off for them and the Nationals as a whole. Another pair of matching birthdays showed up between Tony Blanco and Micah Bowie.

SAGITTARIUS: (Brian Schneider, Pedro Astacio, Saul Rivera, Kory Casto, Larry Broadway)

This is a busy, yet fruitful month for you. Mars’ energy drives your career ambition now, which is extremely undeniable. New Moon in Virgo on the 23rd is likely to coincide with a work-related honor or the task of extra responsibilities.

Matt LeCroy was in this group as well. I hope he’s keeping busy and has a fruitful month! I still feel bad for how his career went after being signed by the Nationals. Will we see the promotion of Kory Casto or Larry Broadway in honor of giving them extra responsibilities? This sounds promising for Schneider to get back on track as well.

CAPRICORN: (Marlon Anderson, Alfonso Soriano, Melvin Dorta)

Few people are as frugal or responsible about money as you are, and you might find yourself at odds with a mate over important financial issues, especially mid-month. Regardless of your talent for managing money, diplomacy is needed.

Interesting financial horoscope for the Nationals star, reportedly seeking a long-term contract. Replace “mate” with “team” and this could be a problem. Diplomacy will be required on all sides.

AQUARIUS: (John Patterson)

Although your career is moving along at a steady clip, there may be some challenges with co-workers envious of your success. Your test is to remain detached from any bad vibes.

Envious of what success? I’ve yet to see it this year, aside from not requiring season/career ending surgery. Interestingly enough, last month’s horoscope for Patterson sounded somewhat promising. “From now through late November, you can expect many good things to manifest in your professional life, if you‚Äö√Ñ√¥re willing to take advantage of them.” Considering he’s had nerve decompression surgery on his arm and may be back to normal form by November (too late for the Nationals, but better than sometime next year!), it’s kinda eerie in retrospect!

PISCES: (Livan Hernandez, Robert Fick, Chad Cordero)

Use the New Moon in Virgo on the 23rd as a springboard to greater understanding between yourself and a partner. With the Sun joining Saturn in Leo through the 23rd, you are concerned with getting and staying healthier. Exercising can give you the stamina to take care of other demanding areas in your life.

Gary Majewski is now a Reds Pisces. Livan, get on the treadmill ;-) Fick, ouch – I don’t know what to tell ya, buddy! Hope that cartilage re-attaches or whatever it does in the case of your injury.

5 Responses to “What’s Your Sign? August 2006 Edition”

  1. Natsfan7 says:

    Off topic:
    Just wanted to get you thought on the new stadium renders. I think they look terrible, the drawings were alot better. And its a big file, i think……

    Sorry, I would of emailed but couldn’t find it…

  2. Phil Dunn says:

    When has Damien Jackson played well? I must have missed that game.

  3. JW says:

    Maybe Mike O’Connor is following the maxim “rookies should be seen and not heard”

  4. misschatter says:

    Hey natsfan – my email is listed under the “about” page. I downloaded it and looked. I dunno – still hard to make a judgement call on that. The slides look like screenshots of the 3D “flythrough” video they did at the stadium unveiling. Buildings still show up transparent and everything is computer generated, so it’s hard to get a good read/feel on how it will *really* look when it’s done.

    I’m not a fan of all the glass and modern look, but I realize that’s just my personal preference.

  5. mariofan14 says:



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