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What’s Your Sign? Into the Off-Season Edition

Posted on October 3, 2006 at 2:09 pm

Zodiac wheelYep, it’s that time of month again. I’m grouchy and somewhat depressed. The baseball season for the Nationals has ended and they head into the off-season in this first week of October. So therefore, it’s time to look at their first off-season month horoscopes! I apologize for skipping September, but the month was rather hectic for me and despite having the basic outline completed and roster updates done, I never actually made it to writing the post (I’m not even sure anyone besides me is entertained by this feature anyway). Hopefully things will slow down sometime soon.

Edited 4:00 PM: The Nationals have released six pitchers today, announced hours after I made this post (and funnily enough, when I ran across their names creating the post, I looked at them funny wondering if they were still around!). So I’m editing to strikeout the released guys (Ryan Drese, Pedro Astacio, Felix Rodriguez, Zach Day, Brian Lawrence, and Joey Eischen). So long and good luck, Pistachio and FRodo!

ARIES: (Cristian Guzman, Ryan Drese)

With Mercury retrograde cycles beginning on the 28th, you need to be very careful about signing your name on anything important. The Sun, Mars, and Venus move into tempting Scorpio on the 23rd, a time when you’re extra attractive and alluring.

They need to be careful? Or the Nationals need to be careful? Attractive and alluring on the 23rd means booboos all better?

TAURUS: (Tony Armas Jr., Brandon Harper, Roy Corcoran, Felipe Lopez, Brian Lawrence, Jose Guillen, Jim Bowden, Austin Kearns)

With so much astrological power concentrated in Libra and Scorpio this month, you’re focused on improving relationships. Being sensible and practical, you’re accustomed to doing much of the heavy lifting associated with unions and partnerships.

Watch out – Jim Bowden has astrological power concentrated on his side this month!

GEMINI: (Ramon Ortiz, Mike Vento, Joey Eischen, Zach Day)

Your health habits are at the top of your list now as planets line up in Libra and Scorpio. Mercury’s move into Scorpio on the 2nd suggests an interest in reading fitness or dieting books. Schedule your regular health checkups when the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd.

Umm yeah, get those checkups. I think Ramon Ortiz might have some nervous habits that need attending to as well (have you seen his hand motion with the bill of his cap between pitches?).

CANCER: (Bernie Castro, Ryan Wagner)

During the early portion of the month you may be concerned with family responsibilities and home-centered tasks. But once the Sun and Mars move into Scorpio on the 23rd, you’re ready to turn your attention to a creative project. This may be something you’ve been neglecting. Even though you have a lot on your plate right now, you owe it to yourself to wrap this up.

LEO: (Mike O’Connor, Chris Schroder)

Your schedule is extremely busy this month as planets line up in Libra during the first three weeks. Once the Sun and Mars join Jupiter in Scorpio on the 23rd, you’re ready to pay attention to domestic matters. Showing home and hospitality is part of what being a Leo is about. Your enormous creativity is very much in evidence at this time.

Enjoy that busy schedule and work towards a roster spot in spring training!

VIRGO: (Jose Vidro, Frank Robinson, Alex Escobar, Felix Rodriguez, Billy Traber, Nick Johnson, George Lombard)

You usually manage to maintain that delicate balance between professional and domestic demands, but every once in a while one of them has to win out over the other. Now is the time to give work your full attention, perhaps even putting a new financial plan into place. Of course it’s never too early to start budgeting for the upcoming holiday season.

All these guys probably have their future work on their minds anyway. Frank needs to find something in baseball (with the Nationals?) other than managing. Escobar and Johnson need to rehab and recover in time for spring training. Only Traber and Lombard probably need to worry about budgeting for the holidays!

LIBRA: (Jason Bergmann, Jon Rauch, Ryan Zimmerman, Frank Diaz, Ryan Church, Brett Campbell, Henry Mateo)

With the Sun and Mars in your harmonious sign though the 23rd, you have all the energy and self confidence you need to make a big impression on important people in both professional and personal life. Since it’s important that you look and feel your best at this time, you might want to purchase some new clothes. However that doesn’t give carte blanche to break the budget.

I sure hope all these guys can make an important impression on people in their professional lives — Ryan Church especially. Maybe winter ball will work out wonderfully for him down in Mexico.

SCORPIO: (Beltran Perez, Micah Bowie, Tony Blanco, Kevin Gryboski)

You can hit the ground running with Mercury moving into Scorpio on the 2nd. From that date till the 28th, when Mercury turns retrograde, your communication skills are at a zenith. Mars and the Sun move into your intense sign on the 23rd, with jovial Venus joining the party the following day. This remarkable confluence of energy in Scorpio signals the beginning of a highly successful period when it feels as if everything you do comes out right!

I just wanted to say zenith.

SAGITTARIUS: (Brian Schneider, Pedro Astacio, Nook Logan, Saul Rivera, Kory Casto, Larry Broadway)

With Mars and the Sun in Libra until the 23rd, the first several weeks of the month should be filled with social engagements and visits from friends. Could it be the positive vibe you’re sending out? While you are an incredibly winsome and trusting individual, at times you’ll have rivals and secret enemies you know nothing about. Look for such a person to show his true colors when Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on the 28th.

Oooh watch out for backstabbers near the end of the month!

CAPRICORN: (Alfonso Soriano, Melvin Dorta, Luis Ayala)

The Full Moon in Aries on the 6th suggests the need to find balance between your domestic life and career ambitions. This is always a real challenge for Capricorn. Regardless of how successful you are in your career, you often feel guilty if you don’t spend enough time at home. This month you can make up for it by scheduling more family-centered events.

I was particularly curious about what Alfonso Soriano’s horoscope would be, and there you have it. How big are his career ambitions? That will become apparent soon. Has his family moved here? Maybe attention should be focused on stabilizing their location? Melvin Dorta has a new baby and should have plenty of time scheduling more family-centered events for the time-being. Is he playing fall ball? I can’t remember.

AQUARIUS: (John Patterson)

The latter part of the month is filled with chances to shine on the stage of your professional life as the planets line up in Scorpio. Mars and the Sun join Jupiter on the 23rd, and Venus moves into Scorpio on the following day. Someone you know is happy to act in the role of mentor– this is a tribute to you. What you can learn from this individual is astonishing. Try for a promotion during the New Moon on the 22nd.

This sounds extremely promising! Patterson would like to be a mentor, so it’ll be interesting to see who could serve as a mentor to him in the last season before he becomes one of the Nationals pitching staff. I take this to mean his arm should be ship-shape by the end of the month following his nerve surgery.

PISCES: (Robert Fick, Chad Cordero)

When Mars and the Sun enter Scorpio on the 23rd, you are drawn to esoteric studies confirming your spiritual view of the world. Neptune turns direct in Aquarius on the 29th, which helps your psychic radar point you in the right direction. You’re so accustomed to having the guidance of an inner voice that it can be difficult to find your spiritual center during retrograde periods.

Goofball Robert Fick confirming his spiritual view of the world just strikes me as hilarious (this is the guy who goosed players as I was talking to them in an unmentionable location!). But whatever – here’s to you two guys finding your inner voice :-)

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  1. Phil Dunn says:

    Dumping those six pitchers is addition by subtraction. It looks like Armas dodged the bullet for now. My interpretation of this move is that Kasten is going to spend some bucks to rebuild the pitching staff. If that’s the case, that would mean they have little interest in shelling out big money to retain Soriano.

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