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Rebel Yell

Posted on August 16, 2007 at 9:33 am

Woo! The Nats actually did it! We returned to our hotel from a day with family just in time for a message to magically appear in my inbox announcing the Nationals did in fact sign Jack McGeary, their last unsigned top 20 draft pick and the guy who dropped to the sixth round because other teams thought he was unsignable due to a commitment to Stanford. The Lerners et al went all rebel on their new MLB fraternity by giving McGeary a $1.8 million signing bonus – high for the 6th round, but not so much if he had been selected in the first as his talent was rated. Svrluga has the skinny on the details.

McGeary is going to be one highly educated ballplayer, so if the baseball thing doesn’t work out, he definitely has a fall back plan as my parents always preached. See, the Nationals are paying for his education to still attend Stanford. Nice! He’ll play baseball in the summer and go to school during the school year. Since he won’t play baseball for the college, he lost his scholarship. Very nice move by the Nationals and I’m very proud of them for this effort! Hopefully Selig won’t blacklist them so early in their ownership career over it :-)

I missed last night’s win over the Philles in favor of a family outing to the circus in Ft. Worth. Plus, my slingplayer isn’t connecting to my slingbox at home. Bummer.

One Response to “Rebel Yell”

  1. ShaneRollins says:

    No worries, I represented in 465 last night, about three sections over from Church’s monster blast. We also managed to get into Jason Werth’s head, but more on that later.


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