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Ballpark Grass and Catchers

Posted on November 3, 2007 at 6:53 am

Peek-a-boo! Only 10 more days til my book deadline and I should be back to full steam. Whew. I think my job should let my team do a “Making the Sausage” blog on the life of keeping a big site up and running and on the cutting edge of new technology. I could talk about the glamorous stuff like being on call and getting intimate with a Blackberry that likes to wake you up every hour during the night. For three nights straight. While trying to meet a book deadline. It doesn’t take, “I have a headache, dear” as a turn-off. Fun stuff! My next book will be titled How To Write A Book In Three Weeks (a feat I don’t recommend). But that’s not what I came to post about.

Nationals Ballpark with grassA soothing sight for my bleary eyes over the last few days has been watching rolls of sod laid down on the infield and portion of right field at the new ballpark. I snatched glimpses every few hours, watching the sprinklers water the newly laid grass. I think I even caught the image of home plate when the plastic was pulled back at one point. Workers hung black panels on the HD scoreboard over the span of a couple days too. It’s a ballpark, by golly! It’s really a ballpark!

In the meantime, the player I can thank for getting me so into and involved in baseball is a free agent again as the Cardinals decided not to pick up Gary Bennett’s option for 2008. So hmm… if Jesus Flores is destined for the minor leagues for development purposes, the Nats need a backup catcher again, right? Bennett is most praised for his handling of pitchers and with so many rookies potentially coming up during the course of the season, having a primary and backup catcher whose strength is mentoring pitchers seems to make sense. That would be awesome!

I attended the Nationals Insider live radio broadcast at ESPNZone, but haven’t had a chance to write it up. Photos. I was most excited to hear about free parking at RFK with a shuttle to the new ballpark (tailgating!), although I’d probably only be able to use that for weekend games. Apparently the announcement was premature as the DCSEC hasn’t approved the plan yet.

Okay, back to my brick tower. I shall emerge victorious in a week! I hope…

2 Responses to “Ballpark Grass and Catchers”

  1. Mary Ernest says:

    Amazingly enough they’re laying sod at Wrigley, too! See bleedcubbieblue for photos

  2. misschatter says:

    Ah cool! Not quite as cool as seeing it in a brand new ballpark, but still cool!


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