Sooooo… what’d I miss?

I didn’t watch today’s game as I was running around. What’d I miss? Anything good? I really wanted to see John Lannan pitch in his first start of the season. Yeah, yeah… I see we lost our 4th in a row.

geico geccoNow I need to go get my car prepped for chaperoning the Geico Gecco in the Cherry Blossom Parade on Saturday! (so hey, if he shows up for the President’s Race in the middle of the 4th, then you know he has a twin!). If you’re not going to the game Saturday, come to the parade and yell if you see us! I fell into this quite by accident. I’ve done parades with the local Mustang club before, even though I’m not an official member. They sent out a request for cars/drivers for the parade and I jumped on the Gecco one (too bad the Prezs aren’t in the parade, but I guess they’ll have gameday duties). No, it’s not the Jeep – we’ll be in a pearl-white ’68 Mustang convertible. (off to buff that scratch from the side….) Hope to see you there!

(Mr. Chatter is making me sell the car immediately after the parade. Something about compounding debt…) This might be the last ride for the old pony and me.