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Hey, it’s all the rage amongst bloggers these days, so I have to spam my readers too! Not that my book has anything to do with the content of this site! Still, I think it’s a worthy subject, particularly if you live around here. And of course, it’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Someday maybe I’ll make enough money with photography and blogging to quit my job and work on it full time 🙂 Without dreams, what would we have?! Send money! All net proceeds will go directly into the non-profit’s fund for restoring the Craighill Range lighthouse. It’s $25 with shipping and I’ll even autograph it for you! (Book is $19.99 by itself) [/spam]

Maryland's Lighthouses - book

In Colonial times, as the Chesapeake Bay and larger rivers became vital shipping channels, the need arose to mark Maryland’s dangerous shoals and waterways. Lighthouses sprang up throughout the 1800s and early 1900s, including wood-framed cottages placed upon screw pile foundations that stood offshore in the unforgiving waters. Most of these unique structures did not survive, lost tragically to ice that also occasionally claimed the lives of the keepers who faithfully tended them and rescued mariners in trouble. With the advent of electricity and GPS, many beacons succumbed to vandalism and neglect, leaving a fraction remaining.

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  1. Thanks, Harper! Excellent suggestion! And everyone run, don’t walk, to pick up the May issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine and turn to page 58 🙂

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