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Be Your Own Fan

Posted on May 15, 2008 at 11:30 am

Well, I totally thought I was late to the party on this, but since (as of last night) posts were still popping up on the subject, I guess I’ll go ahead and weigh in after all! What subject? Why, the Elijah Dukes-led ‘softball’ cheering from the Nationals dugout at Shea Stadium during the first game of this Mets series. Mr. Chatter and I were watching the game on tv and I only noticed general cheering. He exclaimed, “they’re cheering for the Nationals!”

“Noooo! That’s impossible – there’s like only one curly W hat in the stands! And that old guy doesn’t look loud enough for that.” I tried perking my ears up to listen better to the rhythmic chanting, attempting to pick out what was being said, but then it was drowned out by Mets fans striking up their own chants. So I didn’t believe him until I read the game stories the next morning.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think more power to the team for creating their own cheers and excitement as visitors in a hostile stadium where the home crowd is certainly not going to generate that kind of enthusiasm for them. On the other hand, when’s the last time you saw a major league team pull something like that? I’m coming up blank. Although, I’ll cherish the Softball Girls line forever and it certainly gave the blogosphere something to buzz about. And I have to admit to feeling a bit of schadenfreude when Fegueroa was designated for assignment the day after his insulting comments. I did take offense to the “they are who they are” comment. Yeah, look in the mirror buddy! Those “softball girls” kicked your butt right down to the minor leagues!

On another note, what the heck is our catcher doing calling the local radio station in New York, broadcast partner for his old team, to diss his current team?! Unprompted? Lo Duca’s popularity meter needle was hovering low near the red end of the spectrum already. His only worth seems to be in generating buzz with unfiltered quotes. Better watch out or you’re gonna be TOAST, Dawg.

2 Responses to “Be Your Own Fan”

  1. Dpopie says:

    Great story! LOL!!

  2. Dpopie says:

    I have to admit….that Shea Stadium is a cursed stadium ever since the St. Louis Cardinals beat them in the 2006 NLCS. Why do you think the Mets are smiling now?But take heart! The Washington Nationals could do the same thing the Cardinals did in 2006…(let’s say 5 seasons later in 2011??) and defeat the Mets at Citifield for the 2011 National League pennant!! Worth the wait!!! Now can those Nats beat the Yanks in the 2011 World Series???


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