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Posted on August 3, 2008 at 10:36 am

Mr. Chatter and MissChatter at Screaming Eagles tailgate

[Photoset] Mr. Chatter and I won four passes to any DC United game with access to the Screaming Eagles tailgate in a charity auction and yesterday was it! Neither of us had ever been to a soccer game despite intending to go for quite some time. I’ve heard so much about the wild and crazy fans at DC United matches and was eager to witness it myself. I was not left disappointed!

I felt kind of funny pulling into Lot 8 with my Nationals tire cover on a night when I knew Nats fans were redirected to Lot 7 for the shuttle to Nationals Park. I assured the cop we were going to DC United. The soccer tailgate operation at RFK’s lot 8 is impressive! I have never seen such a party during any Nats game while they resided there. The whole experience made me a little nostalgic for what tailgating we did do the previous three seasons, though, and sad that it’s not much of an option now. Two kiddie pools filled with water allowed people to cool their feet. Kegs of various *good* brands of beer were available and later came the kegs of Cosmpolitans and Margaritas. (Oy! My head this morning!) We arrived late, which was probably a good thing.

We collected our tickets to the game and found we were sitting right behind Barra Brava. Too cool! Flags waved, drums banged, and beer flew amidst the coordinated chants! We stood the entire game. Something that smelled like fresh laundry kept wafting past our noses. I never did figure out what that was. And wow, people smoked in the stands!! Rules were far laxer than during Nationals games there! Best of all, DC United won 2-0 and we heard on the radio on the way home that the Nats won as well. Woo! A good night for DC sports.

There’s gotta be a way to translate all this group fandom to baseball. What a hoot! The Screeching Eagles?

2 Responses to “Gooooooooal!”

  1. Great pic of you and Mr. Chatter!
    DCU fans know how to have fun, don’t they?

  2. Dpopie says:

    MLS Soccer rocks!! Toronto FC is my team!!! D.C. United, well okay!! Go United!!


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