That’s Chat’s Nats : 01-24-09 Man Caves

Believe it or not, I had the idea for this before I learned that Joel Hanrahan’s brother Mark was having a spread done in the Des Moines Register’s “Juice” Magazine on his “Man Cave” (or Manctuary as he calls it). But it did give me more chit-chat fodder for my first video victim, closer Joel Hanrahan! The idea struck me over the Christmas holidays as I tried to clean out my “sports” closet and realized much of my collection needed a new and proper (larger) display home. I only got as far as moving most stuff into a room of its own and have since been pondering how to make it look sporty and become my (wo)man cave! Instead, it also serves as my lighthouse stuff room, photography equipment room, and assorted miscellaneous crap room.

So I asked Joel Hanrahan and Manny Acta about their collections and man caves when I saw them at the Martinsburg, WV Mall on the Nationals Winter Caravan ’09. They very graciously answered. Hanrahan says his brother took his best stuff haha! Manny Acta takes the more sentimental approach. So watch the video to hear more! Many thanks to the two of them for sharing!

I apologize for the ho-humness of the silent video portions. YouTube can apparently now identify little clips of songs as being copyrighted by their owner! Wow. I do have someone writing me new original music (in the works before I discovered this little nugget!), but for now, I already had this pieced together with the music and had to delete the music out of the YouTube version. So I highly suggest you click the little link below to watch here or download!

Also, I’d love to see what others have in their collections and/or see their “wo/man caves”. I’m also shamelessly trying to get creative ideas for what to do with mine. So if you’d like to display yours proudly on our new website — I’ll do a special gallery; send photos to me at misschatter at gmail and I’ll do a special edition on the new website when it launches in a month or two!

Whew, now I need a rest. I’m not quite in baseball-following spring training shape yet, apparently. I’m pooped after the last three days and I still have more video to edit! Oooh this’ll save me some! Here’s MASN’s video from last night’s ESPN Zone Celebrity Cookoff!

6 thoughts on “That’s Chat’s Nats : 01-24-09 Man Caves”

  1. I will have some items at NatsFest today that you will want for your Wo-Man Cave especially a team signed 2005 baseball with Frank Robinson on the “sweet spot”.

    Also, I am going to forward some pics to you of Sgt. Jason Halliburton’s “Man Cave” of the Washington Nationals.

  2. I forgot to mention the room isn’t even a complete snapshot of all stuff – my favorite items are in my cubicle at work so I can see them every day. And there are even more hats, but we wear the others!

  3. Loved the video…great job. Hope to see you in Viera, I’ll be there 3/18 & 3/19 for games vs. the Marlins and Orioles. I hope to make the trek north to DC this year to see the stadium as last year I couldn’t make it up there. aka…SCNatsfan

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