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Blame it on the cousin

On the heels of A-Rod and his cousin, now it appears Smiley is blaming his cousin as well, which completely contradicts what his agent said. Remember Jorge Arangure, former Post beat writer for the Orioles and playful nemesis of Barry Svrluga? Apparently he’s now writing for ESPN The Magazine and calls Gonzalez/Alvarez’s buscone his “trainer”. Interesting. From everything I’ve read about buscones, they aren’t what we in the US would traditionally think of when we hear “trainer”. Anyway, according to Arangure, Smiley blames his cousin for thinking up the scheme and even says where the bonus money went.

“He’s sad,” Vizcaino said. “He did it because he thought if he didn’t change his identity he would never sign.”


When confronted by baseball’s new investigative task force, Lugo admitted he and a cousin had concocted the scheme, according to Vizcaino.

Yet, according to Smiley’s agent, Stanley King, the kid was shocked and remorseful and couldn’t possibly have been behind the scheme.

“I don’t know where the origins of this thing are. It seems to me this thing is much too complicated and involved for a 19- or 20-year-old from an impoverished neighborhood to pull off… He may have been duped as much as anyone.”

Oh, but the best part? The trainer will likely recoup his “commission” while the Nats will likely not recoup their bonus money.

p.s. hmm… I see the Natosphere sidebar has gone up on the Nats Journal. Funny, I was among the group that coined the phrase and yet… I’m just gonna shrug it off rather than call it out. Better I keep standing alone, right?

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  1. WFY:

    I’m not on it either and somebody spoke up for me at the time too.

  2. misschatter:

    Yeah, I realize those lists are impossible to maintain and “please everyone” (having had several spam requests myself). You definitely belong on it! For me, I guess the gut punch is that it’s my employer. But otoh, all the more reason for separation. I guess I killed myself when I said I was done. (but I couldn’t stay away!)