Mmmmm beer!

Beer is good. In Nats Park, even better (than last year, anyway)! Steinz brings the details. Tomorrow the new food options are revealed in a taste testing. I’m hoping to get some video of the premiering temptations. Of course, this does nothing for the diet I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to adhere to in an effort to reclaim the form of my 20s. Oh well. As Dmitri says, food that tastes good isn’t good for you (or something), and I’ve come to really like the good-tasting stuff. Like cheese fries. Mmmm. Of course, I could eat them to my heart’s content in my 20s and it didn’t seem to matter. Getting older stinks.

Today was the last Florida spring training game. Woo! The Nats went out with a bang, beating the Phillies in a very high scoring game. I had a hard time paying attention to the snoozer announcers, though. They called a Nats homerun with as much excitement as a fouled off pitch. I rely on the cadence and escalating tone of Charlie and Dave to alert me to plays I should pay attention to, particularly when I’m at work and you know, working.

Oh hey, remember this guy?
Anyway, the season is about to really truly begin! Fanfest on Saturday followed by a 6 PM exhibition against the Orioles in grand ‘old’ tradition and the forecast is calling for 60s that afternoon. I can’t believe it’s really here! This year it should be interesting to see how well I balance helping my son with homework and catching the beginnings of games. Since Twitter has become such a hot item for live “Tweeting” among fans, I can’t fall behind and start the game two hours later or I’ll be unable to join the fun (not to mention sleep-deprived).

Can’t wait for school to get out for the summer! Sheesh, never thought I’d say that again. But then again, I never thought I’d be slaving over 5th grade homework again either. That’s one thing they left out of the parenting handbook.

Ok, time to gather all that energy stored up over the winter and prepare to exhaust it over the next six months…. Oh shoot, and I still haven’t found one of two blank Bob Carpenter scorebooks I know I have lying around somewhere. Eek!