That’s Chat’s Nats : 04-03-09 New at Nats Park

The inaugural season in Nats Park was a learning experience for the Nationals who have spent the offseason not only improving the team on the field but the ballpark experience as well. This year, they have vowed improved concessions, both in content and customer service. The park appears to be taking on a personality of its own and becoming less generic (and getting more contrast for better photos). Oops, I forgot to check out the new MASN broadcast booth amidst all the rain in the morning, but I guess we’ll all see it tonight, eh? (woo! baseball tonight!). Some outtakes of the video of yesterday’s media tour featuring new concessionaire Levy Restaurants and what’s new at Nationals Park for 2009 – I was presenting yet another one of my harebrained ideas to Stan Kasten when he was pulled away for an interview. He shrugged apologetically to me as he walked away. I said, “that’s okay, you’re a popular guy!” His response? “I’m not, really.”

I also tried to get a money shot of him putting food in his mouth – I mean, that’s what the day was all about, right? He implied that would be rude and unprofessional. Darn (I certainly don’t want to be considered rude!). Then he popped a raw bell pepper slice into his mouth after I dropped the camera to my side.

Besides the giant bobbleheaded mascots, the other way cool item at Nats Park in my opinion is the display of Topps baseball cards on garage B to represent the starting lineup. I hope yesterday’s blank frames are filled for tonight’s game.

Thanks to Kristen of We’ve Got Heart for helping out with video camera duties! Otherwise, half this video would not be possible.

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  1. Thanks Miss Chatter! Mr. Meyers confirmed what my sister and I found doing a quick turn around the stadium after enjoying Bells, Harpoon and Southampton at the Red Porch. No other beer stand including the Red Loft has the micro/craft etc beer. But, the improvements at the Red Porch and our very friendly bartender Laura made the stop very enjoyable.

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