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Nationals DC Public High School Initiative

Posted on April 5, 2009 at 11:05 am

dc high school baseball players at press conference[Photoset] The DC City Council is again talking baseball, but this time without all the arguments and bickering. The Nationals have voiced a commitment to improving athletics and education in DC since the Lerner’s acquired the team, and yesterday announced one more step toward their goal of improving youth baseball and hopefully someday grooming locally grown talent. In a press conference (ooh! my first time in the press conference room at Nats Park!) prior to yesterday’s final spring training game against the Orioles, the Nationals announced their 2009 DC Public High School Initiative.

The 12 DC high schools with baseball teams were offered an opportunity to hold one two-hour practice at Nationals Park on the field or in the batting cage next to the Presidents Club near the end of the school year at no charge. I’ve heard what youth baseball fields are like in DC and can only imagine how cool the experience of playing at a major league ballpark — even once — will be for these kids. Cardozo Senior High School, Dunbar High School, and Roosevelt Senior High School have already signed up for practices.

The second part of the initiative gives every DC high school student and faculty member a ticket to one game at Nats Park. Each high school will have their own “night at the ballpark”.

I’ll have video later – have to go enjoy some of this beautiful day!

One Response to “Nationals DC Public High School Initiative”

  1. Andrew Lang says:

    “I’ve heard what youth baseball fields are like in DC” Are we to assume you have heard they are bad?

    I think what the Nationals are doing is a great thing and can only hope they expand the program to help renovate High School fields that are in need by using their resources within their groundskeeping department and utilizing John Royse to work with the Parks and School System. Not sure how realistic it is, but every HS team should have a decent field.

    Part of the problem is the schools spend their sports budget on Football and Basketball and baseball is neglected. This isn’t a DC problem as this is a problem at most schools.

    I can’t speak for the High School fields inside Washington DC, but I was just at Howard University last week and they have Maury Wills Field and it is beautiful. It is located on Georgia Avenue in Northwest DC. Georgetown University uses Shirley Povich Park in Bethesda Maryland which tells you where one of the wealthiest colleges plays.

    Also, keep in mind that the BEST High School baseball program in the entire Washington DC area (including the MD and VA suburbs) happens to be located inside Washington DC and it is St. Johns. Yes, it is considered a private school, but they generally have every starter on their Varsity team will make a College team and many students are from Washington DC.


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