Need Scorebook Now!

I’m pretty sure I have two freebie Bob Carpenter scorebooks floating around somewhere that I’ve been unable to locate. I’ve decided they’re the right size to fit into the back of my camera bag and I’ll just adapt to the traditional scoring system. Maybe. I may end up printing and binding a homemade book again. The team store told me they’ll begin selling the BC books opening day. So in the meantime, I’ve resorted to “back of the napkin” scoring (and yes, in my own way).



Look on the bright side — Emilio Bonifacio never crossed home plate in last night’s 8-3 loss, although he did get a triple in much the same fashion as his inside the park homerun the previous night. The Nationals turned a nice double play. Austin Kearns hit a monster home run to the left field upper deck. Julian Tavarez looked like J-Lo to me last night (if I were into girls).

The first week of the season is so hard — each game is analyzed, criticized, and hashed over on a daily basis without a previous series or record to compare against. The season opens with optimism and expectations of improvements and maybe even greatness. So when the season begins with back to back crushing blows, the pain runs deep. Patience is a difficult virtue to exemplify, but I’m working on mine.

For a distraction, the centerfield plaza statue unveiling at 11 AM today is open to the public, so take an early lunch and head on over for that first glimpse before today’s noon airing. I probably won’t make it as it looks like I’ll be staying home with a sick kiddo today. Waiting for her to wake up (for the sixth time of the last 12 hours) to make a judgement call.