On The Radio

The song by Regina Spektor (as performed here at the 9:30 Club) came to mind when composing this post in my head, so enjoy! (then read on while I listen to the song in iTunes on repeat!)

The Nats Insider radio show chatting about, well what else? The Nats! is trying something new this season — chatting with (gasp) bloggers about the Nats! I had the honor of being the guinea pig and going first, recording a brief chat with Byron Kerr this afternoon. I have to tell you, after a couple years of hearing Byron Kerr on the television and radio, it was a trip to hear his voice on my work voicemail since I missed the first call due to a meeting!

Anyway, tune in tomorrow, Saturday, at 5:30 PM on 1500 AM (or stream on federalnewsradio.com). I completely choked the “tagline for misschatter.com” sign-off bit. Nobody ever asked me that before! So imagine what I really said was, “visit misschatter.com for fan-tastic photography and videos connecting fans to the Nationals” or something. I’ll keep working on it (suggestions welcome!). Or maybe I should have done my TCN sign-off? “On that note, that’s it for this edition of Nats Insider – I’m MissChatter your guest til next time!” Heh. Ok… moving on! Tune in tomorrow!

And the rest of you bloggers, have no fear, I’m sure your turn will come too!