Season begins tomorrow

Ok, that’s it! After an 0-5 start to the season on the road, I’ve decided the season doesn’t really begin until the home opener tomorrow. Of course the stats and numbers will stand for the whole season. Anyone catch Nats Insider yesterday? If not, I’ve attached it for your convenience heh. Turns out the station’s website was streaming something else, so it could only be heard over the airwaves. I wanted to mention something about Shawn Hill’s start the night the interview was recorded, but didn’t get a chance to. Shawn Hill won in his debut with the Padres. Also, with two guys on the DL who are going to have to come back eventually (Anderson Hernandez and Terrell Young) and Jordan Zimmermann getting called up in a week… some roster moves will have to happen.

Speaking of opening day – Snuggie Tailgate Party?! The only problem I’m having is where? We have a parking pass, so I’m sure people will be scattered. So how about ponying up $7.50 a beer and meeting at the Red Porch? (ah, the parking situation is making Stan’s plan come together on people getting inside the park). We’ll probably get there around 1 PM after sneaking the kids out of school early.

Now I have to go put some baskets together and hide eggs before the kiddos get up!