Anderson Hernandez’s batting music

Lastings Milledge may have been sent down to AAA, but part of him was still alive and well in the top of the lineup. Anderson Hernandez took over the leadoff role tonight against the Phillies and guess what his batting music was? Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Every time he came up. Tribute to Lastings and his previous (if short-lived so far) role in the leadoff spot? I think the coincidence is too hard to ignore, but man I would have loved a chance to ask him!

For a refresher, here is a post with a video of L-Millz and Willie Harris dancing to the song (just ignore my parts – not my best video!). For the record, I still haven’t determined if Milledge had anything to do with producing that particular song, but his record company seems to be named after it.

Nats win!! Nats win! And I was proud to be there to witness it. Working on photos now…


Two things are really bugging me this morning…

1. I had been so looking forward to last night’s MASN-sponsored “blogger night” at the ballpark. I was eager to meet Rob Dibble, the new MASN television broadcaster and former “Nasty Boy”, in person. Plus, the blogger night sounded awesome and was the first such event I would have attended at Nationals Park — after seeing how successful other team blogger nights have been. Really truly looking forward to it.

Alas, the game was rained out. Of course, that was probably for the best. The rain was cold, unrelenting, and whipped around in the wind. We would have been dry and cozy in a suite, but those are no conditions for the players or the rest of the fans — those who even made it out in that weather. So as soon as the game was called, I let Mr. Chatter know I could pick up Little Chatter and work on homework with him while Mr. C and the Princess went to an appointment and he no longer had to drag LC along. All well and good since he needed help on some test corrections.

Then the email came about the night out to watch the Caps game… oh bummer! Too late! I debated going once Mr. C came home, but I was knee deep in 5th grade fractions, had a raging headache, and dreaded driving to Crystal City in the rain (throw a little social anxiety in there). Plus, by the time we were done, 9 PM had rolled around and I figured no one would be there by the time I arrived at 9:30. So I didn’t go.

Noooo!! Nooo again!!! I would have loved to met Dibble and his wife and chatted baseball. Meeting Mike Harris and seeing the others again would have been great too. Dangit, I am so kicking myself this morning!! So sorry I missed you all last night! (I keep telling myself I had my priorities straight, but I’m sure the teacher will still think I didn’t go far enough)

2. I am so not behind the “Fire Manny!” rumblings across the internet that are slowly crescendoing to a distant roar. Not listening! Not listening! (picture me squeezing my eyes shut and covering my ears) I think this organization has been rather dysfunctional since it arrived in DC and sticking a revolving door on the manager’s office is not the solution, IMHO. With all the patience preaching, etc., let’s give Manny more time to work with more talent and mature himself as a manager. I’d like to see some stability at all levels before more disruptive changes are made.