04-18-09 Marlins 9 Nationals 6

[ Photoset ] And the Marlins come back to haunt the Nats again. This game held such promise early on under gorgeous 80 degree blue skies. In what would normaly be the final innings, bad juju broke out. Roger Bernadina, playing center in place of the benched Elijah Dukes, caught a fly mid-air beautifully, but landed awkwardly breaking his right ankle. The Nats gave up the 6-3 lead in the 9th for the 2nd consecutive blown save. I learned the hard way not to use my lens extender, which I normally only do on day games anyway because stops down the lens. Sigh. On a positive, Little Chatter got a foul ball!


Where’s the “O”? I wasn’t at last night’s game, taking in a band at the State Theater, so of course I recorded it and kept up on Twitter. I heard the O in “Nationals” was missing on the front of Dunn and Zimmerman’s jerseys and just had to see for myself. NATINALS?

Adam Dunn wearing jersey missing O

Ryan Zimmerman NATINALS jersey

And oh, hey, did you know my name is Cathy and I live in Falls Church? 😉 For a while there, I thought they might caption that “MissChatter”.

Cathy MissChatter in MASN ad about Lannan