Hold that applause

Joe Beimel injures hip making defensive play

Joe Beimel, the most effective and consistent reliever who did not compare the Nats to a 4 AM J-Lo, made the above fantastic defensive play in the 8th inning last night to throw Kelly Johnson out on a bunt-for-hit attempt. Applause and hoots echoed through the nearly empty stadium for his success in keeping a runner from getting on base. This was the 2nd out in a tight one-run game that was immediately thrown into its second rain delay. When play resumed, Garrett Mock took the mound, presumably because waiting 35 minutes or so was too long to put Beimel back in the game.

Whoops, not so fast. The heir apparent to previous incarnations of Jon Rauch landed himself on the 15 day DL with a hip flexor strain from the play. Saul Rivera took a very quick round trip to Syracuse and back and has been recalled (did he even pitch there?). Apparently not, according to a comment from NFA’s Brian in that post.

Injuries do not appear to be abating much from this time last year. Cursed? Bad weather? Here’s hoping Beimel makes a full and speedy recovery.

04-20-09 Jordan Zimmermann FTW!

Jordan Zimmerman makes his first MLB start

[ Photoset ] Nationals top prospect starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann (from my sister's alma mater UofW Stevens Point – cold place!) made his major league debut in style yesterday "for the win". I've never used FTW before and I'm assuming that's what it means! Many fans thought the game would be postponed like last Wednesday's after a day of constant rain, but it was not. So Jay-ZNN made his debut in front of a tiny crowd after a 2 hour rain delay, but man, was it ever awesome! The relief corps, including two new faces in Kip Wells and Garrett Mock, did their job holding the one run lead all the way through closer Joel Hanrahan after another brief delay. Woo! After the game as he was ducking into the dugout for the clubhouse, Manager Manny Acta thanked the handful of fans remaining behind the dugout and praised them for being the best fans for sticking it out. Nats win 3-2 over the Braves in a game that ended long after Metro stopped running.

(Man, I so totally need seats in the first row behind the dugout.)