1 in 70 Stands Out in a Crowd!

Too funny! I’ve heard from a bunch of people that saw me on tv photographing Monday night’s rainy game. There must have been some illusion on the screen because I was not standing on the dugout, contrary to observations 🙂 I was, however, right behind it. And loved every minute of it! That’s why I didn’t photograph the next night – I knew the pictures wouldn’t even compare to being so close the previous night and it was depressing me. In such a small crowd, I guess I was easy to spot that night!

Apparently I was also in a photo in Saturday’s Washington Post with an article about bike commuting. Some coworkers and I were walking to a sushi place for lunch past where they were photographing and didn’t think much of it. I don’t even have Saturday’s paper.

And then, of course, there’s *the commercial*. I plan to have a post about that soon! So yeah, everyone’s going to be sick of me by the end of summer!