Like Childbirth

They say women forget the pain of childbirth as a course of nature so that they don’t have one kid and call it quits. I’m beginning to think the same applies to my “other child” – the lighthouse. I had forgotten how much of an adventure going out can be — and I don’t even plan on going until tomorrow! Today was the day to pull the boat out of the garage after a winter’s rest, reinflate it, check that it starts, and fill the gas tanks.

I moved the bags inside the boat around so I could get to the inflation valves when suddenly I was swarmed by bees apparently awoken after a winter’s slumber. Using the grapple hook, I pulled the suspicious bag out and threw it in the lawn. The bees were still returning when I noticed a flat tire on the trailer — so flat that it can’t even be towed to the gas station air pump. Being such an awesomely summer-like day and wearing flip-flops, I then focused on other aspects of the boat to avoid the bees. The steering bar needed oiling to loosen up, so finishing that, I walked back around with WD-40 in hand planning to spray the tire lug nuts so I could put the spare on when something under one flip-flopped foot crunched a million times under my foot. With bees on the brain, I feared I stepped on a beehive and looked down. I saw brown fur and didn’t even stick around to identify the animal (probably a rat courtesy of a cat). Eww eww eww!!! So. Squicked. Out. I ran out of the garage, kicked the flip-flop off worried about guts or something stuck to the bottom, and hopped around the driveway squealing like a girl still feeling the pressure of a million tiny breaking tiny bones on the bottom of my foot.

So yeah, I’m still laughing, but this day has not gotten off to a good start. After tweeting a few of those nuggets, I was alerted that @pagan_spell was now following me on Twitter! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or become paranoid someone has placed a curse on me!

So I’m taking a break to listen to the game while the bees find somewhere else to play. Wil Nieves is starting today (day game after night game). Yay! Hopefully the Nats aren’t as cursed as I seem to be. With Johan Santana out of the way, maybe today’s the day they do something against the Mets weak rotation. One can hope!