I feel like Guzman tonight

Cristian Guzman has been reinstated and error-prone Alberto Gonzalez optioned to AAA. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Guzman leading off instead of Hernandez. Hopefully it’s just the spark the team needs…

The Nats also added a new bullpen pitcher by trading (hang on, I’m piecing two releases together)… RHP Kyle Gunderson from Potomac to the Florida Marlins in exchange for RHP Logan Kensing who is expected to join the Nats in Philly tonight. Meanwhile, the Nats optioned Jason Bergmann to AAA. I guess they didn’t want to mess with Saul’s head too much by sending him down, yanking him back before he even left town due to Beimel’s injury, then sending him down again? Just a random theory.

Hopefully a sweep is avoidable tonight. Nothing like pandering to Phillies fans and then letting them absolutely kill us in their home park (which I bet doesn’t even sell curly w caps).

TailBenchgating? JDLand posted a note that the “Bullpen” at the corner opposite the centerfield plaza entrance plans on opening at 5 PM Friday (before the game). Might be an alternative place for fans to meet up prior to games for a pseudo-tailgate? (thought I bet it’ll be pretty crowded). I’ve emailed for more info and will update as I get it.

MissChatter with studio fright

So by now most of you have probably seen the MASN ad featuring yours truly promoting John Lannan as “Rookie vs All Star”. I am so relieved the ad was not panned in DCist’s review of the marketing campaign. Last year’s “Fantasy Camp” campaign had me giggling at nearly all the ads as well as curious how they’re shot, so after being one of the fantasy camp winners, I was really hoping to get to do a commercial. I was fortunate to have that wish come true. Many thanks to the MASN and studio teams for their hard work and taking a chance on ordinary fans as actors. It was a thrill! (but still freaks me out every time I see myself on TV!)

While I didn’t get coaching on sports reporting by Bob Carpenter or Debbi Taylor or get accused of being twelve by Johnny Holliday, the “Defining Moment” campaign was a hoot to shoot. I was a little nervous and self-conscious knowing the frequency of play as well as length of the season could put me on par with the Red Roof “Remote” guy’s level of irritation by the end of the season. I also was well aware doing the commercial would open me up to ridicule. I didn’t care one whit as I was eager to do it, but those fears and insecurities wouldn’t leave the back of my mind once recording day came and I drove up to Baltimore on a cold rainy day ready to look like a mid-summer fan.

The green room was actually blue and the studio was quite green. I met the creative director and a few other people. None of the fan clothes I brought passed muster since others had already filmed in jerseys and they wanted to mix it up, so I wore my usual Nats shirt under a hoodie the crew provided with my “skinny jeans”. A snack table provided reinforcements and coffee and a cool “Recording” light next to the door alerted us when to be quiet as others were being filmed in the adjoining studio.

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