Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

  • man, I haven’t done a video in ages… I think my blogqueen days may be over… just no time anymore #
  • Woo! Slingplayer for the iphone DOES work with Slingbox Classic. Crying over Lilo & Stitch… #
  • bummer – slingplayer only works over wifi, not 3G. So it won’t do any good at the lighthouse and I’ll still have to haul laptop/3g card out #
  • What, oh what do you do with a mole? #
  • Wow, the Nats have the next four Mondays off. Such odd symmetry in the calendar #
  • Thank you Chico that’s what I was trying to say buried in here but didn’t have FO/player takes on #

Why I haven’t been posting

I’m going through another one of those bouts of “should I quit blogging?” phases. Seems to happen every year, though usually later in the season — and I even announced I quit once (only to come back). I don’t want to be the girl who cried wolf, so I’ve just been Twittering and remaining quiet here for the time being. I love to write and I love the game and the Nats, but I don’t have much spare time these days and don’t want to throw something up here that was rushed and poor quality.

As many of you who know where I work are probably aware, it’s a rough biz to be in these days. We lost a key member of our team and he’s not getting replaced. So there’s more work to be done, more on-calls weeks to be had, plus we’re preparing for a massive transition. Being in the tech department means a lot of that load falls on my team in addition to our day-to-day duties. Plus, my oldest kiddo is really struggling in school and the school year isn’t over yet (then there’s summer school…). Of course lighthouse season has begun again and my focus definitely needs to be directed there as funds are running low and nobody seems to be donating much in this financial climate, yet the painting still needs doing, etc. I’m also supposed to open it to the public at some point this year.

Reading the other blogs is depressing me. There’s a loud roar about firing Manny Acta as manager in posts and comments and I find that sad. I have no concrete argument for why he should be kept on because I’m not an expert in managing a baseball team, nor do I see what goes on behind the scenes. I do know we have a young team that is still developing as part of the plan, particularly pitching, and we all knew the team would take some lumps this year. Yet when they do, people howl and want immediate action. I personally hope Acta is around for years to come, and don’t see how all the losses can be pinned on just one person. I think a lot filters up to the person responsible for giving him the team he fields and sticking dead weight on the roster with a handshake deal. We knew Dunn’s defense would be bad, but the argument was his bat would more than make up for it. I don’t get the feeling Anderson Hernandez is our 2nd baseman of the future. Nobody caused Flores to get injured. Centerfield has been a giant question mark year in and year out. This team is still incomplete in my opinion.

So 140 characters at a time is about all I can handle while I’m pulled in a million different directions. I will still photograph when the team’s home, so while they’re on the road, the twitter updates may be the best I can provide. Hope you understand!

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

  • Mornin’! Baseball on the barn was a blast! Thanks to those who came out! #
  • RT @mlbCoz #Nationals recalled IF Alberto Gonzalez from AAA and optioned OF Justin Maxwell to AAA #
  • Just tried to fix the boy’s bike so we could go for a ride. I think it’s hopeless (the bike, not me). Back tire rubs on frame. Bummer. #
  • hatboy leads off RT @LPags03 Nats line-up in PHI hernandez/4 johnson/3 zimmerman/5 dunn/9 willingham/7 kearns/8 gonzalez/6 nieves/2 martis/1 #
  • Grilling shrimp, mushrooms, and corn on cob before watching game on barn by ourselves. Someone’s gotta finish all this leftover beer! #
  • Apparently I didn’t look closly enough at the numbers – Kearns in center! #
  • Not again! Grand slam by Ryan Howard off Martis #
  • Twitter broke?! #
  • Wine, beer, Xanax… RT @khudak11: “Some of our fans have used 15 different pain relievers” – BC on the bullpen… I’ve stuck with tequilla. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

  • Strasburg vs. Zimm’s UVA and Nats “on the barn” tonight! With Rocklands bbq brisket #
  • Hmmm do I try to audition as an extra for “How Do You Know” Monday and still manage to get back online by 6 PM for work? worth it? #
  • I mean what would a movie about the Nats bullpen be without misschatter, right? 🙂 #
  • Spring cleaning! Goodbye pollen #
  • Oh shoot hope my curly w magnet survives! #
  • Ah but the curly w magnet did survive @dougchapinjr You took a picture at a car wash?!? I’d say one Nats offday is one too many for you … #
  • Wow, low flying non-commercial aircraft just buzzed courthouse area in Arlington #
  • So is Strasburg starting fer sure? RT @dcsportsbog Strasburg vs. UVA live on Comcast SportsyNet tonight. #
  • Yes! (on the barn, local tweeps) RT @dcsportsbog RT @Section138 Stras has been confirmed for tonight. has it. #
  • See, go to lunch for beer Friday (gotta love young digital companies) and miss breaking updates #
  • boy am I getting a lot of practice putting the Jeep top up and down lately #
  • This is not at all what I expected to see out of Strasburg #