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Vacation is officially over

Posted on July 19, 2009 at 11:02 am

We touched down at BWI at 4:30 PM and raced home, showered, dropped the kids off with the sitter, and arrived at Nats Park in the middle of the 2nd inning. As we made our way to our usual parking area, there were open spots on the street and I suggested we park there. We continued to the $15 transportation lot next to the Douglass Bridge instead since we got a parking ticket on the street once. Should’ve parked on the street. I held my hat over my face as we made our way to the S. Capitol/Potomac intersection as the garbage smell was gag-inducingly awful. I didn’t bring my camera to the game because I was tired after traveling all day and also not in the best mood going to our first game since Manny Acta was fired. I should have remembered my American Express ripoff mantra of never leave home without it.

The game was pretty exciting in the beginning, but I’m sure you know how it ends. Jim Riggleman lost his third game in a row to his former team as the Nationals interim replacement manager. Despite not knowing how I’d feel at the game, figuring I’d just observe from a detached state of mind, I did find myself jumping in cheering a few times. I probably looked funny cheering without one iota of Nats garb on. I was wearing my glider hat acquired in Oregon (and cringed after realizing its blue color could be taken as a Cubs thing). (Yes, I shamelessly plugged a link to vacation photos in there!) I understand the “get your red on” campaign for this series as after every play that went the Cubs way, seas of blue stood in the stands. Quite stunning to see, actually.

With iced coffee in hand (beer vendors were in oddly short supply), we walked back to the lot after the game. We trudged through the gate closest to Nats Park and weaved between parked trailers in the dark since it was the closest entrance point and wandered across toward our car. A police officer standing close to the main entrance/exit gate was yelling, but we ignored him not realizing he was yelling at us. “Yes, you sir! Leave the lot immediately! Do not go to your car!”

Wha?! Confusion ensued. Are we in trouble? Is everyone in the lot being checked for something? What is going on? We filed out with others while hearing nothing about the situation and stood on the street outside the lot trying to get upwind from the garbage smell with hundreds of others. We heard it could be “a while” — an hour or more before we’d be allowed in. Rumors of a dead body floated around (given the smell). Then we heard assault. Manhunt. Soon a DC police helicopter lifted off from the heli-pad nearby and circled around with a search light pointed in our general vicinity. [ Crappy Photoset ]

K9 units arrived and slipped into the lot under the police tape now stretched across the gate. More police cars arrived. Eventually a policeman put a very large automatic weapon into the trunk of one. That sent a few of us several steps backwards, particularly since we’d been wondering aloud if we were sitting ducks standing out there like idiots while some criminal was on the loose. Just as suddenly, we were free to return to our cars with the mystery of what happened still unknown. Anyone know what happened? I’ve scoured news sites and turned up nothing.

Ah welcome back home to Nats Town! Vacation is over.

2 Responses to “Vacation is officially over”

  1. Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 says:

    Gad! You not only take good pictures but have adventures. Glad you are hanging in there with the NATS. However, it you were there Sunday (I was) you might well have considered tossing it in. I am taking my own advice and will continue to use my remaining tickets. But it is going to be ugly, I’m afraid.

  2. misschatter says:

    I’m afraid it’s going to be ugly as well. I was not at yesterday’s game, but I watched/listened to the first half of it. I think in the 5th or 6th inning I gave up and did other things. My heart’s just not into it right now. My husband was also considering chucking the remainder of our season tickets, or at least he seemed mad enough to be after waiting 25 minutes in a concession line on top of already being upset about Acta being fired.


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