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What a crazy week!

Posted on August 20, 2009 at 7:12 am


  • Strasburg Signing
  • Rumors of Rizzo’s Desmise
  • Tony Plush at ESPN Zone
  • Rizzo Saved!
  • Twitter/Facebook Followers Night
  • Ladies Night
  • Strasburg Introduced
  • Picnic in the Park
  • And More…!
  • This might be my busiest week ever as a Nats Fan… must keep the stamina up (and the family from feeling abandoned)! It started Monday night as a hardy bunch of us gathered on Capitol Hill with our phones and laptops to keep up a group watch for the signing of Stephen Strasburg (picture above). TV announcer Bob Carpenter got wind of the gathering and even mentioned it on ESPN News that night while doing the interview circuit, his MASN blog, and Tuesday night’s game broadcast! He likes to think our positive energy helped things work out the way they did. Ok, I’ll take that!

    We sat on Twitter, Facebook, and draft blogs all night long, figuring those were likely the first places news would break. Three people at a table near us were highly amused. “Are you on a live feed? (giggle)” Yep. “Oh, look! She’s got a phone AND a laptop going at the same time – two fisted!” Well, ya know, I had to do my twitpics with the phone! I think I got some funny video as midnight passed and we voiced conjecture on whether the deal would get done or not. I’m not sure anyone will let me post it, but we’ll see :-) Good times!

    Obviously, Strasburg was signed with just over a minute to spare. I think it took about 3-5 minutes more for the news to break on Twitter. And there was much rejoicing! He will be introduced to fans and media Friday at 2 PM on the field at Nationals Park. $1 tickets will be offered at the ticket sales booth starting at noon until they run out (1,000 left). 6,000 allotted were sold yesterday online already. Fans can get into the stadium if they have tickets to Friday night’s game (which the $1 tickets include).

    Last night was Teddy’s Twitter and Facebook Followers Night at the ballpark. More on that later, although I think I must have missed the good stuff as I didn’t arrive until the game started. Ladies Night is tonight! Unfortunately, the mechanical bull is unable to make it. I’ll have to find something else to photograph and amuse myself with this time. Saturday is the season ticket holder appreciation “Picnic in the Park”. Sunday is the next blogger day. So with the exception of Tuesday when I watched the game from the comfort of my recliner, this has been a jam packed week at Nats Park!

    p.s. Congrats to dcborn61 and Andrew on winning the draft contest. I’ll email you details on redeeming your Coveroo shortly!

2 Responses to “What a crazy week!”

  1. WFY says:

    Isn’t Saturday night Frank Howard bobblehead night too? If anyone picks up an extra, I’d love to have it.

  2. misschatter says:

    Ah yes it is! And we’re bringing the kids so should end up with 4 – if so, you can certainly have one.


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