Stephen Strasburg’s Professional Debut

6/9/10: Since Google is sending links here after his MLB debut, here are photos from that!

I’ve got a little Strasburg in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling… Okay, so it’s a USB keyfob with the ESPN video on it from yesterday’s debut, and somehow that put the old karaoke standby in my head. Anyway, for your voyeuristic workday pleasure in case you missed it yesterday, here are the “live look-in” clips from Sports Center. Sadly, they do not include the whole two innings like I thought they would. Yup, there’s “Strasburg returning to the dugout.” Exciting!

Amy Shipley from the Washington Post was there and wrote a descriptive story. There’s also an article and short video with Noah Coslov (same footage, looks like). Nationals Farm Authority posted a link to another video, although it won’t play on my Mac for some reason.