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01-31-2010 A Few NatsFest Photos

Posted on January 31, 2010 at 7:15 pm

New MissChatter avatar

Thanks to the MASN setup in conference room 6 on the 3rd floor, I have a new avatar for Facebook and Twitter! Heck, I may even redesign this blog around it. What do you think? Other than that and the Kids Zone, we didn’t see much. I saw Kasten doing a Q&A over the TVs in the Stars and Stripes Club, but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying over the din of fans eating and waiting in line for autographs. I did, however, get to pose for a photo with new MASN analyst and writer Ben Goessling (formerly with the Washington Times – I’m sure you’ve heard of him). Highlight of my day! Well, that and getting a replacement mousepad since my original Fantasy Camp mousepad is, ummm, well, not exactly white anymore.

I can give a full review of the Kids Zone – the moon bounce obstacle course was the bee’s knees! At least according to my kids. My daughter also loves her new sparkly butterfly-painted face around her eyes. The boy is fond of the funny balloon hat.

Other than that, the only scoop I have is hearing that there are new food options in Viera. Woo! (not even sure I’ll make it to spring training this year *sniff*) I didn’t even get a photo of Zimmerman’s Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards on display in the Presidents Club (but I did see them during a quick cruise through!). I also entered a drawing at DC50’s booth for a small HDTV. It was the “Vampire Diaries” display that drew me in, I must admit. What can I say, it’s a guilty pleasure! Word of advice, though – this is a case where the TV show is far better than the books.

2 Responses to “01-31-2010 A Few NatsFest Photos”

  1. PowerBoater says:

    You walked by us standing in the face painting line on your way to the obstacle course, I almost said hello but it was hectic keeping track of two little ones in that room. The Nats did a great job again. For taking the kids out for a fun afternoon it’s hard to beat free addmission, free parking, free games and plenty of prizes.

  2. misschatter says:

    Oh I did?! Was probably looking for my kids! Shoot, you should’ve said hi! It was a bit chaotic.


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