These Stats Give Me Joy

Hat tip to Lookout Landing, this video has been amazing Tweeps nationwide since yesterday, particularly Nats fans still disgruntled with former Nats GM Jim Bowden. I finally got around to watching it this morning. Stay tuned to the very end. I literally yelled, “Oh my gawd!”

The lusty, “Chicks dig sabermetrics” bit by Bowden’s fiance was embarrassing enough for girls like me who try to be taken (mostly) seriously, but then…!! I’m uh, speechless.

<a href=";brand=foxsports&#038;from=sp&#038;vid=25789e2d-f44b-452b-a90d-86baa273c81e" target="_new" title="GM's Corner: Week 3">Video: GM&#8217;s Corner: Week 3</a>

2 thoughts on “These Stats Give Me Joy”

  1. Mr. Bowden’s inclusion of his fiance’s comments make me less inclined to take *him* seriously. But that’s not saying much — since I wasn’t inclined to take him seriously to begin with.

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