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03-21-10 Pete Orr and Chris Duncan Reassigned After Game

Posted on March 22, 2010 at 8:44 am

Lannan looks ready for season

[ Photoset on Flickr ] One of the advantages of waiting until morning to write up a blog post is some post-game moves perspective added in. The Nationals brought a mostly “B” team 100+ miles south on I-95 to Roger Dean Stadium yesterday to face the Marlins. No Zimmerman, Dunn, Guzman, Willingham… I present you Pete Orr (who looked a little off on fundamentals) and Chris Duncan, both of whom were victims of this morning’s cuts along with Shairon Martis. Ian Desmond, who many want to see win the SS position over Cristian Guzman, did well at the plate, but but left a little to be desired defensively, committing two errors. Yet, the Nationals still won 9-7 despite Bergmann’s best effort to give the game back to the Fish.

I used a 16GB card for the first time and took 1627 photos of the game. Yowza!! I whittled it down to 45 for the photoset, so it may take some time to load. I even cut some of the more narrative photos that weren’t really much to look at, so this is not as ‘game story telling’ of a photoset as I usually do. So here’s how the game went (note: I don’t have a box score to fact check with, so this was my interpretation of the game):

John Lannan took the mound to start and plowed through the first six batters in succession, getting mainly groundouts. Ian Desmond’s two-base error on a Cody Ross bloop to shallow center field kicked off the bottom of the 3rd, followed by a hit by Morrison putting Ross on 3rd. Barden then hit to right field on a ball that many fans around me commented Willie Harris should have caught, although looking at the photos, he wasn’t close to the bounce point when he prematurely closed his glove and missed the ball, forcing him to chase it. The (unearned) run probably would have scored anyway. Maybin then singled to drive in Morrison and that’s where the one earned and unearned runs against Lannan came into play. Lannan made it through the 4th inning 1-2-3 again. In the 5th, a double play could have been turned, but no one was covering first, although he escaped that inning unscathed only allowing a single and fielders choice on base.

Bergmannn took the mound in the 6th in relief of Lannan. That’s where my scorebook has a lot of complete diamonds. Single, single, fielders choice (oddly thrown home by Pete Orr instead of to 1st to complete a double play – I think they should have given up the run being up by 4 and taken the out). Another Ian Desmond error. I thought he booted the ball, but upon review of the photographs, he lost it transferring it from his glove to his throwing hand. A walk. Finally a strikeout. A bases clearing double. And then mercifully, a flyout to right to end the bleeding. The Marlins took the lead by one run in that inning.

Former Nat, Mike MacDougal obligingly gave the runs back and then some following two quick outs. And that is how the Nationals won the game. For that, I thank him. Tyler Clippard pitched the 7th and 8th innings, allowing a single and a double, but no runs or walks and striking out two. Atilano and Jesse English shared the 9th inning, with English ending the game getting a grounder back from another former Nat, Emilio Bonifacio.

Random Observations:

* Pudge Rodriguez crosses himself before every swing of an at bat, sometimes multiple times. Not every at bat, but every swing!

* Lannan forced the Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson from the game after drawing a walk. He made it as far a 3rd base.

* Duncan has a funny batting stance – kind of like he’s leaning back. He also either does a lot of self-talk after something bad (like striking out) or just really chomps on a wad of chew. I’m not sure which.

* Marlins pitcher Penn was very nervous with Bernadina on first. He took for-evah to throw the next pitch, stepping off the mound, looking to first, throwing to first, stepping off the mound, lather, rinse, repeat! Bernadina stole 2nd anyway.

* Tyler Clippard has one of the funkiest windups I’ve ever seen. It’s actually pretty cool to watch!

Wait for images to load, then click first one an ‘N’ for next:

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  1. nice photoset. you got some really cool shots in there.


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