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03-22-10 I have a .750 spring training record

Posted on March 23, 2010 at 6:44 am

Palm trees at sunset
Goodbye, Florida

[ Photoset on Flickr ] After some late night police action befitting a COPS episode and befriending an apparent stray kitten, it’s time to pack my bag and haul on out of here. Boohoo! With the Nats 7-5 win over the Mets yesterday, I leave with a winning spring training percentage! I didn’t do any of my usual goofiness like try to get players to say anything on video (I really wanted Livo singing on video, but that didn’t pan out). I didn’t even have time to make a “That’s Chat’s Nats” episode. Sorry to disappoint my two fans.

I think I picked the perfect time to come. The roster is whittled down for the most part and pitchers are remaining in the game longer. I was able to see Strasburg and Storen live and in person before they were reassigned. Aside from my full basket of french fries nearly blowing away yesterday when I set it down to get napkins, the weather has been gorgeous. My only regret is not walking the beach across the street from my hotel. I haven’t even had time to look at the ocean, much less enjoy it!

Yesterday was doubles day, like in tennis. Marquis and Stammen on the mound, and Zimmerman and Willingham at the plate. Marquis and Stammen split the game aside from one out provided by Tyler Walker. Zimmerman and Willingham belted two home runs each to the same spot over the left field fence to aid in the Nats win (and I’m fairly certain the french-fry blowing wind aided those home runs). In my humble opinion, Jason Marquis did not look like a #2 starter. Maybe (hopefully) he’s still fine tuning himself over the spring and will surprise us when the team heads north in a week.

Cristian Guzman played short most of the game and made throws to first. A couple of the throws appeared low, but Dunn was able to dig them out and make the outs. I don’t know what’s up with Guz’s jersey when he throws (see photos). He was 0-fer at the plate for the game, however. Apparently Ian Desmond committed another error at short after subbing in, but somehow I missed that. I only caught the Taveras error in the outfield.

I’d also like to thank whoever wrote the lineups on the board at Space Coast for including the players’ first initials! That helped me know immediately that the R. Tejada playing for the Mets was not Miguel. Now for giggles, I’m zipping across the state to take in a game I have no rooting interest in, Pirates vs. Astros, before my flight home out of Tampa. Photos of yesterday’s game:

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  1. Carolyn Deck says:

    Wow! Great Pictures!! Looking at your pictures I think I was sitting near you at Cardinals game Friday & Marlins on Saturday (although I have to admit your pics are way better than mine). I have read your blog for several years now and really enjoy it – I wish I could have met you and thanked you in person!! Maybe a game this year or Ladies Night at Nats Park. Anyway, keep up the great work – I really enjoy!! Carolyn


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