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That darn hat was shadowy!

Posted on April 5, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Obama is highly amused with himself

[ Photoset on Flickr ] The Nationals finally convinced President Obama to visit to Nationals Park and throw out the ceremonial first pitch during today's 2010 home opener against the Phillies. Speculation ran rampant prior to his arrival on whether or not he’d actually wear a White Sox cap or don a Curly W. Obama was also rumored to have received a custom red Nats jersey, but never removed a warmup jacket from his upper half despite the 80+ degree early April weather (I can only surmise he sported a bulletproof vest or something underneath). He walked the red carpet hatless and trekked to the mound with glove and ball in one hand. After waving to the crowds on both the first and third base sides of the stadium, he reached the pitching rubber and turned toward Ryan Zimmerman waiting to receive his throw at home plate. And then the moment we were all waiting for happened. Obama whipped out something black and floppy. Shook the mysterious item out. And promptly plopped the item, a White Sox cap, on his head and laughed with glee. I love having a president with a sense of humor, but boy did that make editing the rest of the photos a pain because the harsh afternoon sunlight cast a wicked shadow from the cap, making the President’s face nearly invisible. Gah! I know others have taken exception to him wearing a White Sox cap at a Nationals game, but that doesn’t really bother me much. It’s the American League and his home team. I just took exception to the shadows.

I felt like this was my photographic opportunity of a lifetime! The moment was so exciting that I was still shaking for the full first inning of the game. I wanted to tweet so badly, but my phone naturally doesn’t work at the stadium and the “GuestOutdoor” wifi seemed to be overwhelmed by the sellout crowd. Sadly, Obama’s throw turned out to be the climax of the game. Not exactly the best way to start the season… But hey! Baseball season is back! Right?!

2 Responses to “That darn hat was shadowy!”

  1. Anthony says:

    Great shots! I was a little further up.

  2. Ed Gleason says:

    Obama has no class, so this episode shouldn’t really have surprised anyone. He’s also a big phony. He wants to paint himself as this big White Sox fan yet, when asked to name some of his favorite players on the team could only stutter and avoid giving a direct answer. Without the teleprompter in front of him, Obama is about as articulate as Helen Keller.


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