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Biggest BBOTB Yet!

Posted on July 24, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Is that awesome or what?! Thanks Bob and silent Rob!

I want to thank everyone for coming out last night and sweltering through record-breaking heat to watch another barn loss. I really thought the Nats were going to win through the first four innings. Michael Morse – two homeruns and a 5-1 lead! Who knew it would all fade away? You’d think I’d know by know no lead is ever completely safe. And please don’t say the shout-out was the jinx, even though it came at the turning point of the game. (thanks to Gary from OnFrozenBlog for capturing the video above too – and the baseball cookies!)

Barn nights are not about who wins or loses, but the shared experience of cheering or snarking as if we have our own little section at the ballpark. Ok, who am I kidding? A win would be really nice!

Many regulars and new faces contributed to a rush hour look to my driveway for the first time ever. Glad some of you got over being shy and came out, particularly the “faceless guy” who gave me a BP jersey, which worked phenomenally to swab at sweat and was thick enough to dissuade potential blood sucking mosquitoes. Also glad to meet a faithful twitter follower whose kids provided my daughter the chance to play hostess and remain entertained!

The coiner of the “Clipp n Save” phrase also honored us with his attendance while another barn viewer wore the t-shirt. Very cool! WFY’s son seems a year older every time I see him! Oh, wait… I think he is!

I’m not going to name everyone was who attended to protect the identities of the innocent… but don’t you wish you came now? Last chance this season will be October 1st when the Nationals face the Mets at the end of the season. It also happens to be Mr. Chatter’s birthday. That’s gotta earn a barn win right there, right? But thank you all for coming out and making the night fun!

p.s. thanks for the leftover beer, but whoever left the sippy cup is welcome to reclaim it!

One Response to “Biggest BBOTB Yet!”

  1. Maddy says:

    More importantly, thanks for having us. I guess the secret to a good turn out is getting the temperature into triple digits (or maybe just the heat index). I greatly enjoyed the atmosphere and hope to make more BBOTB nights.


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