MissChatter: On The DL

Over at CSN, I have to write a minimum of 500 words, which sends me into a panic since some of the funny bits would be hard to expand to 500 words. I’ve wanted to get on the awesome video of Kasten pie-ing Mike Rizzo in the face and donning the Silver Elvis wig, but what more needs to be said than the video? There’s a new catcher (my specialty!) in town with Wil Nieves on leave after the birth of his first child, a baby girl, yesterday. Congrats to Wil and Yormarie! We should see Wilson Ramos, acquired when Matt Capps was traded to the Twins, play for the first time today. Zimmerman was ejected for the first time in his career, eliciting gasps around NatsTown. But that took one sentence to write. So instead, I turned to my current trip to the DL.

Every season, the Nationals lose several players to the variously numbered days disabled lists and this year has been no exception. Alternatively, injured players will try to play through their pain and not let on something is bothering them, a practice that is admired in some circles for the “old school toughness” of it and despised in others for the harm a player not at 100% can do to their team. Also, while the team works as a group both contributing their parts to wins and losses, when one error occurs that can cost the team a win, other position players watch helplessly, yet still support their teammates. I have now experienced these phenomenon first hand. MissChatter is officially on the DL.

I’m typing this up with my left (glove) arm in a sling, elephant strength Ibuprofen in my system and a ziploc baggie of ice and water resting on my left shoulder — until it falls off (the baggie, not the shoulder). Read more on CSNwashington.com