Strasmas is over

Whoosh! That’s the remaining air rushing out of the Nats season after their shiny new toy that filled seats both at home and on the road went on the 15-day disabled list for the 2nd time in a month. Let’s face it – Strasburg is a mere mortal, not a superhero bestowed unnatural powers by the hopes and dreams of fans following this team. Indications on the field last night against the Cubs made it appear the team took the Stephen Strasburg news hard themselves in the 9-1 home series opener that made Cubs manager Lou Piniella’s abrupt retirement the previous day look inconsequential. Is all hope lost in NatsTown? Or is this a mere bump? Either way, after twelve starts, the last of which ended with him pulled from the mound after 4.1 innings following shaking his pitching arm in bewilderment, Strasmas is over. Some fresh air is on the way, however.