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Final words on this

Posted on August 26, 2010 at 9:57 am

Wow. Well, I apologize for how strongly worded my last post was. Those who have known me over the last 5 years know I rarely get opinionated or go off half-cocked. I was just sick of the fight picking. I know there are fans out there who enjoy Dibble’s commentary and that’s fine. I didn’t even mention his broadcasting style, so I’m not picking any bones there. My point was he made himself part of the story by lashing out… repeatedly. As if it’s the internet’s fault for his comments on Strasburg. Who, you know, happens to be the prized cow of the organization and the warmth in most fans’ hearts.

I know many fans aren’t bloggers or don’t work for media, so they have no leg in that fight and don’t understand why it was so annoying. It encouraged him becoming the focus of the story and carrying it on, when he’s supposed to be an observer. Everyone is going to have critics. The trick is to learn how to tune them out. And I guess I failed there too in that he criticized blogs (ever so repeatedly) and then I lashed back. My bad. I had just reached my tipping point on the whole thing.

Apparently so did Dibble (or someone in the organization) as he unexpectedly requested a few days off beginning with last night’s game. Honestly, I don’t think this little blog wields that big of a stick and had no influence on it, but wow on the timing! Stan Kasten’s quote there is classic!

And I think Dibble maybe gets the point now. This morning on his XM show he said, “I shouldn’t be the conversation”. (I’m not transcribing that for my 15 minutes of fame, thank you very much!)

He was hired for his shock-jock reputation. Just not sure this was how they foresaw things unfolding.

And let me be clear here (yes, I’ve been reading the comments elsewhere). Dibble’s OWN words got him into hot water when he spouted off about Strasburg’s toughness before the results of the MRI(s) were in. Not a blogger. More misplaced blame if you ask me.

Now back to baseball!

2 Responses to “Final words on this”

  1. Jenn Jenson says:

    Hey Cathy,
    I don’t see any need to apologize for expressing how you feel, in your personal blog.

    In fact, I might argue that your personal blog is exactly the place for the type of comments you offered. Sure, you have a perspective that not everyone will agree with, but that perspective is based on your experiences.

    Perceptive readers know that it’s not your thing to criticize gratuitously. And readers like me want to know what you think.

  2. misschatter says:

    Thanks Jenn and yeah, I still stand by what I wrote. I’ve been pondering what exactly about all this really offended me and I figured it out. This morning on XM Dibble said, “I’m embarrassed” because his absence was written about. Further making it “The Dibble Show”. It’s not about him. What about the embarrassment to the team? The fans?


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