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Jordan Zimmermann and Today’s Pitching

Posted on March 13, 2011 at 9:49 pm

The Nationals took the field as visitors in their new red unis. J-Zimm rocked today! And I don’t mean that in the “he gave up a lot of hits/runs” sense, but rather was rockin’ on the mound against the Marlins. He was the only player on the field rocking the high red socks look compared to the other 8 on the field with pants to their shoe-tops, and Zimmermann mowed through the Marlins lineup for 5 innings before turning the mound over.

Zimmermann has been one of my favorites since he first came up, and I still maintain high hopes for him after being set back by Tommy John surgery. So far so good this spring. He allowed 3 hits, 1 walk and struck out 2 with no runs scored.

1ST : Jordan Zimmermann pitched an outstanding 5 innings

1ST : Nats wearing new red jerseys on road trip

Henry Rodriguez, on the other hand, was the anti-Zimmermann, walking three batters in a row after giving up a double on a fly that Ankiel took a complete crop circle route on and ended up no where near where it landed (that was kind of odd – wind?). The third walk forced in the only run the Marlins scored before Rodriguez was pulled. Eek!

Brian Broderick relieved Rodriguez with one out in the 6th, inducing a popout and groundout to end the inning. He then had a 1-2-3 inning in the 7th as well. Collin Balester and Cole Kimball took the 8th and 9th respectively and shut the Marlins down 1-2-3 in those innings as well.

So aside from Rodriguez, the Nationals’ pitching staff put on a stellar performance today. I wish I had more photos to share… (explaining in next post in the morning after I recover from my own bit of camera mourning)

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