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03-30-11 NatsFest Photos

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Brrrr! Numb hands and cold rain and wind ruled Opening Day Eve as the Nationals held NatsFest. How’d that delaying, leaving fans to a cold cruel baseball-less winter in order to hold it during better weather work out? I’d say not too well, but who cares because opening day is tomorrow, right? Not that the weather is supposed to be any better. I want my sunny spring temperatures, darnit! The batting practice viewing never occurred as the rain began to fall harder as the players took the field to warm up. Some lucky fans did get a glimpse of Stephen Strasburg throwing in the outfield for a bit. Several Q&As were held, one with broadcasters, which I attended in order to get a first glimpse at the rookie, I mean new guy, I mean FP Santangelo. So far I like him! Story on all that later. For now I leave you with the photoset (click to view and then use arrows). [Flickr]

One Response to “03-30-11 NatsFest Photos”

  1. David Le says:

    Thanks for sharing but this Fan Fest is the worst one that I have been to in all sports. My little daughter came home very disappointed that no players sign auto for her. What’s the use of a FAN FEST where the die hard fans braved the rain and traffic and waited in line for a very long time only get to say hi to the players for a few minutes? If this will be the same for next year, we won’t bother. They need to learn from other Fan Fests, heck, check out the Capitals!!!!


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