At Bat Music

During yesterday’s Q&A session, Charlie Slowes had some interesting news about the future of players’ at bat music. Initially, the question was, “What are you going to do without Wil Nieves?” in regards to the dancing in the booth by the radio duo during Nieves’ at bats. I had been wondering the same (but cut out my cackling from the video, thank you Final Cut Express). Charlie and Dave don’t exactly answer the question, although they did say afterwards that they’ll have to figure something out after listening to players’ music this season. Aside from carrying their heavy binders around the ballpark, how else will they get their exercise?

Interesting! I’m definitely curious to see how this works out and fan interest.

2 thoughts on “At Bat Music”

  1. Speaking of at-bat music, how about Tyler Clippard coming out to the Fugees’ “Ready or Not”? I also had to give Doug Slaten credit for another unconventional choice: Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys’ “Who Knows.”

  2. Ugh – see my scoresheet post on Clippard’s music! I thought it was lame. (and sorry, your comment went into moderation for some reason. Ah, technology!)

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