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I didn’t get Rob Dibble fired

Posted on April 7, 2011 at 11:12 am

Not that I ever really thought I did. I mean, seriously? A blogger getting a big nasty former-pitcher-turned-broadcaster fired over his own inane remarks?! Ridiculoso!

So those of you who were angry with me can redirect your midguided vitriol at Strasburg’s dad. Or put it where it belongs, like the shoe store that ended up in Dibble’s mouth.

9 Responses to “I didn’t get Rob Dibble fired”

  1. Nats Fan says:

    Miss Chatter,
    I receive your tweets through buzztap. How can we get you removed? Letting Dibbs go was a big mistake. I wish we could lose you. You are horrific! Try cricket or curling. Please leave the Nats comments to someone with some baseball knowledge.

  2. misschatter says:

    Clearly you didn’t read the article. I had nothing to do with Dibble going and people are entitled to their own opinions of broadcasters. Here’s a clue – don’t click through from BuzzTap if you don’t want to read me.

  3. David Reynolds says:

    Hey Nats Fan,
    Try actually reading the article before you stick your foot in your mouth (just like your buddy “Dibbs” likes to do). Oh, and try not being such a chauvinist pig.

  4. Ryan says:

    Honestly, what kind of jackass beefs with MissChatter? I actually hope “Nats Fan” is Rob Dibble, because it would be depressing to learn that there are two people like him.

  5. JW says:

    “First of all, I never got fired,” Dibble told Kriegel. “I’m still being paid by MASN. You know, a lot of the bloggers got that wrong, but I let ‘em keep it wrong.”

    Did Dibble and Bowden compare notes on how to have no class?

  6. DC Sports Chick says:

    Ryan and JW made me laugh. Could not agree more.

  7. Cocklees P Burkart says:

    You gerbronis sound like King Kong Mike Khoury, that stupid idiot wrestler turned club owner turned auto man turned Hyattsville Md police blotter cop!!!!!

  8. Tom Goddamn Bout says:

    Oh please Cocklees
    ! You are an idiot!!!


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