Stealing my 1st base in MLB

Tomorrow night, I guarantee I will steal second base in the top of the 4th inning of the Mets at Nats game. No joke! And it’s going to be one of the coolest yet embarrassing experiences ever!

During the Dream Gala live auction, I was busy chit chatting while my husband actually bid on something. I wasn’t even paying attention. Normally, live auction items get so expensive that we end up priced out of the cool stuff. Although, I’m a shark when it comes to the silent auction tables.

Anyway, surprisingly, he won a “Stealing Second Base” experience and it will come to fruition tomorrow night. We get to wine and dine in the Presidents Club. Then before the top of the 4th inning, we will go out on the field with the grounds crew and walk away with the removed 2nd base, which will later by autographed by (upcoming rookie of the year!) second baseman Danny Espinosa. Suh-weet!

Ok, so maybe the base won’t be stolen as in a theft. And maybe we won’t be running from first to second during game action. But still… it’s fun and I’m super excited.

However, as Mr. Chatter has been arranging this, during the last phone call he was informed they’re going to make a *big deal* about it on the field and now I’m a little embarrassed/terrified. So uh, I guess if you’re at the game tomorrow, watch for us on the scoreboard or something? I’ll give my best Miss Iowa wave to the crowd. But now I think I have to dress especially cool for this. Beast mode shirt? Generic jersey? Evening gown? (Ha, kidding on that one!). Help?

I’ve always been a promoter and advocate of the Nationals charitable and community involvement efforts. I guess I’ll just try to view this as another step in that direction.

And woo! Think of the photos I’ll get from the prez club!

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  1. I’m planning to go to the game, but I’ll be sitting up near the press box. I think any Nats gear would be appropriate attire — just make sure to wear a curly W cap.

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