Nats U 2011

Well, I’m embarrassed. I just discovered this post in my “drafts”! Life has been hectic, as usual. You’d think with my kids away at camp, I’d have more spare time to dedicate to the blog, but apparently not. Anyway, here are photos from the always exciting “Nats U” (Baseball for Women) event that took place in July. Women were treated to personal coaching on the field, in the batting cage and in the bullpen.

May I say, I have a pretty good pitching arm! My hitting, however, not so much. Pat Corrales chided me for imitating Michael Morse’s pre-batting leg kick since I completely whiffed my bat over the ball after doing it. “Do your own thing that you’re comfortable with.” My next one, sans the batting-stance-girl imitation, was a solid line drive.

I’ve heard they’re showing a highlight video of the event on the scoreboard occasionally between innings. Well, ok, I’ve heard they showed it once. I sure hope they show it again since I wasn’t at that game!

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