Beast Mode Morse Raps

Ah, there are definitely perks to my job and today’s frustrating bit of troubleshooting was greatly brightened when I spotted this video in the queue. I impatiently waited until it was published on the site and snapped up that embed code pronto!

There has been lots of chatter about Michael Morse’s “Beast Mode” shirt this season and much love for his use of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” in about every other at bat. Well, now you get to revel in it with a bit of Morse rapping too. LOVE!

According to the blog post, the clip will air on “Hoppus On Music” at 11 PM tonight on Fuse, which I just learned in channel 716 on my FiOS system. *If* the game ends by 11 at Baseball on the Barn tonight, maybe we can flip over to it!