Uh oh

It’s 7:15 PM and the game was supposed to start at 7:05 PM. My reliable cable channel is just showing that they’re the only cable TV provider to carry the games, but the game isn’t ON!! I checked “Gameday” at MLB.com and it is showing that the game started. Ruh roh! Oh oh – lemme try UPN…. Oh whew, it’s on there!

Nearly caused a panic there!

Schneider’s the catcher tonight. Bummer.

No reply

Well, it’s been over a month (or two?) since I sent the letter to Gary via fanmail, so I guess he either didn’t get it or thinks I’m some stalker freak LOL! I’m married with two kids and a pretty stable life (if not hectic and busy), so I’m far from a stalker. I just thought it would be neat to meet him since he coincidentally popped up where I live and maybe our kids could meet and play (I think I read somewhere he is married with children too). I put enough verifiable information in the letter to show I wasn’t a nutball and his parents could easily confirm that info (hey, they’re my god-parents!!). Oh well. OTOH, they have had a very busy strenuous season to date with a lot of time on the road, and his wife/kids may not even be living in the area (boy would that be hard having done the long-distance marriage thing for a while), so I won’t give up hope yet that he’ll get in touch maybe after the season is over.

Ok, back to baseball. I made this blog pink because my husband got me a pink Nationals baseball cap yesterday (a guilty “sorry” purchase for throwing my dress watch away after he broke it) and I’m female, so it seemed fitting, if not uber-masculine and baseball-y. My triathlon club friends have told me pink is the new black and in vogue anyway (my tri-bike saddle is pink to support breast cancer research and many of my cycling clothes are pink). Funny thing is, I’ve never been a big fan of pink since I was always a tomboy and redhead (errr strawberry blonde), but hey, the color seems to be creeping into my life and taking over lately.

I only got to watch the first game of the double header Wednesday night in Atlanta (I am LOVING RCN cable, gotta tell ya!), and Gary played. I’m still waiting for some spectacular play by him that I get to witness, but I’m certainly not going to knock him like other blogs do (what is up with that anyway?? Aside from the throw to second in a game a few days ago that allowed a 3rd base runner to steal home, I haven’t seen any major mistakes or anything and it’s not like ANYONE on that team has been hitting well lately except maybe Marlon Byrd). They lost the first game, but then I went out to dinner with friends and missed the second game, which they won.

I did watch last night’s game, though. Killer tension!! They did an amazing job tying the the score 7-7 from a 1-7 position! But then everything fizzled out. The game went into extra innings (yawn, I was soooo exhausted by 10 PM and still made it til 11 PM to see the whole thing). The killer bad play came when the runners turned around 2nd and 3rd. The ball was thrown home. At this point, the person running for third should have gone back to second because the catcher would have tried going for the runner on 3rd heading home and he had time. Instead, it was a rundown between the catcher and the Nat going for home. He went back to third, but there was another runner there who didn’t go back to second. Done deal, end of inning (this was the amazing tying inning and they still had men on base – coulda been SO good). I’m not sure if that was bad base coaching or just one of those “oopsie” things by the player(s). I can’t remember who was running at the time. I really wanted to sit there and blog the game as it happened, but was too tired to get up and fetch my laptop. And now I can’t remember the finer details. Oh well, such is life.

The Brave’s bullpen wasn’t so hot last night (awesome for us) until the end of the game (unfortunately when it mattered most). I wonder when Patterson will be back in our game? Although our bullpen has been fantastic. I was so happy for Bergmann the other night when he broke the hitting dry spell with is first major league hit (and pitched well to boot). That was so cute when they threw the ball to the dugout for him to save. Very nice.

I did wear my new pink baseball cap through most of the game. I started thinking maybe it was bad luck and took it off and rested it in my lap for a while. At that point is when they caught up in runs. But I think I was harboring silly superstitions since it didn’t help for the rest of the game!

Game on!

WAHOO!! *(happy dance)* I got to watch the game last night! I got to watch the game last night!!

AND the Nationals won!! Although, it was a VERY stressful game! They played the Braves in Atlanta and only won by 1 run. The pitcher (Patterson rocks!) looked sick – he was sweating up a storm and started throwing a lot of bad pitches – walked a few and ended up with bases loaded and the Braves ahead 2-1. Not good!! I commented to my husband that he looked sick. Sure enough, he left the game in the 3rd inning and they later said he had stomach cramps (I have a radar for that, it seems lol). I hope he’s feeling better today as they have a double header and have just GOT to win!

My guy didn’t play that game, but the main catcher did pretty well – threw a runner out stealing second base. Awesome!

So we switched cable providers to RCN (from Cox) after a little birdie at work had told me they broadcast every Nationals game on their local access station. I was nervous because when I got home from work I put that channel on and it was just a blank screen with a “To be announced” showing in the info display. Hmm… I hoped that birdie at work was right!! At 7:30 PM we flipped back to that channel again and again it was a black screen with “To be announced”. The game was scheduled for 7:35 PM so I left it there, and sure enough, the game popped up right at start time. Sweeeeeet!

We started to project it on the barn so the neighbors could watch too, but lightning scared us back inside (although it never did rain).

Heehee! I’m so thrilled!

With the good comes some bad, though. We tried setting up the DVR to record the same shows our old one was – one being The Amazing Race’s previous seasons being run on the Game Show Network. We were left hanging in the middle of Season 4. Apparently our new small cable provider does not carry GSN, much to our disappointment!! Since I started watching regularly during Season 5, I guess it’s not so bad a loss. I just checked their website (CBS’s) and now I know who won.

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