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Mom’s Best Day Ever

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the Cubs, but this is worthy 😉 Yesterday I went to the Cactus League Cubs vs. Athletics game at Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona with my mom and cousin. My mom has been a huge Cubbies fan her whole life and grew up watching the games. She could name all the 1969 players for years, and loved Ron Santo. My cousins is friends with a WGN Sports guy, so we went with the hopes he could take us through the press box. Continue reading Mom’s Best Day Ever

The International Language of Baseball

WBC LogoAnd no, this isn’t a retake of the “Baseball Spoken Here” slogan of the WBC – I honestly thought I came up with an original title for this post on my own! If you’ve seen one of my favorite 80s movies, Better Off Dead (I *heart* 80s John Cusack), you’ll get where I’m coming from. Lane (Cusack) is a recently dumped suicidal high school student who has neighbors that take in a French girl as a foreign exchange student in the mother’s ploy to get her son a girlfriend. When Lane’s family has them over for dinner and asks about communication problems since the girl doesn’t speak English, the mother says they “Speak the same language. You know, the international language of love!” (ok, or something to that effect – I haven’t seen the movie in eons!) So that’s kinda where I took that from. The WBC is demonstrating the international language of baseball, which has been probably the coolest thing I’ve noticed about the series. Continue reading The International Language of Baseball

How widespread is doping in baseball?

Obviously, the new book, Game of Shadows, by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, coming out detailing Barry Bonds’ doping history is making huge news (not that anyone’s terribly surprised). I wasn’t going to post anything about it, but after reading Tom Boswell’s column, I couldn’t resist (my emphasis added)! Continue reading How widespread is doping in baseball?